ktru playsheet

world music

from Mon 02/26/2018 07:22:00 PM until Mon 02/26/2018 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:28 PM- caribou / julia brightly [caribou] on the merge label.
08:04 PM- xu wei / lan lian hua [shiguangmanbu] on the gold typhoon china label.
08:03 PM- beyong / guanghuisuiyue [beyond] on the taihemaitian label.
08:02 PM- tian zhen / ye hua [ye hua] on the taihemaitian label.
08:01 PM- grimes, pan wei-ju / scream [art angels] on the 4ad label.
07:58 PM- caribou / mars [caribou] on the merge label.
07:34 PM- pan daijing / come to sit, come to refuse, come to surround [lack] on the pan label.
07:33 PM- pan daijing / phenomenon [lack] on the pan label.
07:32 PM- hvad, pan daijing / zhao hua [mono no aware] on the pan label.
07:31 PM- jamie xx / the rest is noise [in colour] on the young turks recording label.
07:29 PM- four tet / angel echoes [there is love in you] on the text records label.
07:28 PM- julianna barwick / anjos [florine] on the julianna barwick label.
07:27 PM- yaeji / after that [ep2] on the godmode label.
07:24 PM- arca / piel [arca] on the xl recording limited label.