ktru playsheet


from Wed 10/08/2003 03:03:00 PM until Wed 10/08/2003 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:01 PM- fog / and stay out [s/t] on the ninjatune label.
04:57 PM- les savy fav / this incentive [the cat and the cobra] on the frenchkiss label.
04:51 PM- lao + bushwacka! / sleep language [night works] on the XL recordings label.
04:48 PM- friends forever / arise [killball] on the load label.
04:45 PM- lightning bolt / ride the sky [ride the skies] on the load label.
04:41 PM- colleen / good by sunshine [everyone alive wants answers] on the leaf label.
04:34 PM- jim cooper with ira sullivan / mallethead [nutville] on the delmark do label.
04:32 PM- mo lam / lam kio [northeast thailand] on the king record label.
04:29 PM- eastano veloso / ela ela [ciorculado] on the elektra nonesuch label.
04:25 PM- handsome boy modeling school / holy calamity [so... how's your girl?] on the tommy boy label.
04:22 PM- ladytron / discotraxx [604] on the emporer norton records/invicta hi-hi records label.
04:20 PM- telephone company / duck pond [the king's surprise?] on the business deal label.
04:15 PM- clientele, the / missing [the violet hour] on the merge label.
04:07 PM- future sound of london / the galaxial pharmaceutical [the isness] on the hypnotic records label.
04:05 PM- the capricorns / the closet [in the zone] on the parozysm label.
03:53 PM- african litany / african sky blue [juluka] on the rythm safari label.
03:48 PM- pinback / victorious d [off cell] on the absolutely kosher label.
03:45 PM- the flaming lips / when you smile [clouds taste metallic] on the warner bros label.
03:43 PM- the sugarcubes / mama [life's too good] on the elektra label.
03:31 PM- saule / hola [s/t] on the sub rosa label.
03:28 PM- polysics / each life each end [neu] on the asian man label.
03:21 PM- crawling iris / shredding synaptic [s/t] on the deadline label.
03:19 PM- grupo de capoeira angola pelourinho / beauty [capoeira angola 2: brincando na roda] on the smithsonian folkways label.
03:18 PM- fred lane & his hittie hot shots / french toast man [best of] on the shimmy label.
03:16 PM- fennesz / namewithnohorse [field recordings] on the touch label.
03:15 PM- french paddleboat / my robots love to dance [conversions in metric] on the scratch label.
03:06 PM- serge gainsbourg / bonnie and clyde [great jewish music] on the tzadik label.
03:05 PM- Optiganaltly yours / poodleman [exclusively talentmaker] on the absolutley kosher label.