ktru playsheet

MariamA, AmandaY

from Tue 12/03/2013 04:00:00 PM until Tue 12/03/2013 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:57 PM- sam moore / isle of sweethearts [moooohieee! - musical saw & hawaiian guitar soli recorded in early 1920s] on the em records label.
05:53 PM- au revoir simone / just like a tree [move in spectrums] on the instant label.
05:47 PM- legendary pink dots / on high [hallway of the gods] on the terminal kaleidoscope & soleilmoon label.
05:43 PM- jason robinson / elbow grease [tiresian symmetry] on the cuneiform label.
05:37 PM- marumari / saturday [ballad of the round ball] on the carpark records label.
05:32 PM- lights in a fat city / vee dee vu [somewhere] on the city of tribes label.
05:27 PM- teen daze / walk [glacier] on the lefse label.
05:21 PM- locust / i believe in a love i may never know [truth is born of arguments] on the r&s label.
05:15 PM- clouddead / the teen keen skip [ten] on the mush label.
05:09 PM- stefan wolpe / two dances for piano [music of stefan wolpe vol. 6] on the bridge label.
05:03 PM- wild colonials / girl [fruit of life] on the geffen records label.
05:00 PM- de gli antoni, mark / they wave [horse tricks] on the tzadik label.
04:57 PM- warm soda / someone for you [s/t] on the castle face label.
04:54 PM- deathray davies / i put opium in the food [return of the drunk ventriloquist] on the idol records label.
04:50 PM- mikel rouse / twin minutes [international cloud atlas] on the exitmusic recordings label.
04:48 PM- julia holter / he's running through my eyes [loud city song] on the domino label.
04:46 PM- die princess die / young lady, your tail is showing [lions eat lions] on the gold standard labs label.
04:41 PM- kimya dawson / velvet rabbit [my cute fiend sweet princess] on the important records 2004 label.
04:35 PM- scartaglen / the may morning dew [last night's fun] on the city spark label.
04:31 PM- glass animals / black mambo [glass animals ep] on the harvest records label.
04:27 PM- degenerate art ensemble / the hunt [rinko] on the unit circle rekkids label.
04:24 PM- wavves / when will you come [king of the beach] on the fat possum label.
04:22 PM- des ark / some are love [loose lips sink ships] on the bifocal media label.
04:17 PM- tropical popsicle / the beach with no footprints [dawn of delight] on the talitres records label.
04:13 PM- natural calamity / as you know (anything could happen) [peach head] on the ideal records label.
04:09 PM- various artists / dreaming [beginning of the end again] on the unclean records label.
04:07 PM- david kilgour / dirty hallway [first steps and false alarms] on the ajax records label.
04:05 PM- mountain goats / dance music [the sunset tree] on the 4ad label.