ktru playsheet

funk and soul

from Thu 04/06/2017 07:00:00 PM until Thu 04/06/2017 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:56 PM- fred wesley & the j.b.s / watermelon man [7"] on the people label.
07:53 PM- mandrill / don't mess with people [composite truth] on the polydor label.
07:50 PM- war / get down [all day music] on the united artists label.
07:44 PM- black heat / no time to burn [7"] on the atlantic label.
07:39 PM- arethea franklin / without you [you] on the atlantic label.
07:37 PM- curtis johnson / sho-nuff the real thing [warzell quezerques funky new orleans] on the funky delicacies label.
07:34 PM- lee dorsey / who's gonna help brother get further [new orleans funk] on the soul jazz records label.
07:31 PM- the sonics / hitch hike [boom] on the norton label.
07:28 PM- the sonics / think [the savage young sonics] on the norton label.
07:26 PM- big al & the star treks / funky funk [the sound of funk] on the goldmine label.
07:23 PM- parliament / children of production [the clones of dr. funkenstein] on the casablanca label.
07:19 PM- ramsey lewis / what's the name of this funk (spider man) [7"] on the columbia label.
07:16 PM- brick / push push [7"] on the bang label.
07:11 PM- dennis coffey / funk connection [back home] on the westbound label.
07:07 PM- mandrill / hang loose [composite truth] on the polydor label.
07:02 PM- joe bataan / aftershower funk [nu yorica culture clash] on the soul jazz records label.
07:00 PM- mongo santamaria / somebody's been messin [all strung out] on the columbia label.