ktru playsheet


from Sat 07/03/2004 07:00:00 PM until Sat 07/03/2004 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:53 PM- coltrane, john / welcome [ascension] on the black saint label.
08:48 PM- boredoms / okinawa rasta beef [pop tatari] on the reprise label.
08:37 PM- smith, randall / insideout [sondes] on the empreintes digitales label.
08:34 PM- steenhuisen, paul / circumnavigating the sea of shit [v/a: miniature concretes] on the empreintes digitales label.
08:25 PM- fennesz/ o'rourke/ rehberg / we will diffuse you [the return of fenno'berg] on the mego label.
08:18 PM- rotten piece / used to be charlie [dr01-07] on the lazy squid label.
08:12 PM- ehlers, ekkehard / fruher/earlier [betrieb] on the mille plateaux label.
08:07 PM- pedestrian deposit / kogal fascination [volatile] on the truculent label.
07:56 PM- parker/zerang/drumm / onslaught [out trios volume two] on the atavistic label.
07:52 PM- butcher, john / a sense of occasion [13 friendly numbers] on the unsounds label.
07:44 PM- ambarchi, oren / corkscrew [grapes from the estate] on the touch label.
07:40 PM- muller, gunter / nakamura, toshimaru / .tint [tint (amplify 02 disc 2)] on the erstwhile label.
07:38 PM- biosphere / circulaire [autour de la lune] on the touch label.
07:27 PM- gutzeit, brent / piano motor skills #2 [drug money] on the kranky label.
07:20 PM- pan american / wing [quiet city] on the kranky label.
07:13 PM- akiyama/muller/nakamura / track 2 [outside shows (amplify 02 disc 1)] on the erstwhile records label.
07:07 PM- carter, tom / monument 2 [monument] on the kranky label.
07:02 PM- pelt / ashram [burning/filament/rockets] on the econogold label.