ktru playsheet

AaronB, JohnW
post punk

from Thu 02/04/2016 05:00:00 PM until Thu 02/04/2016 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:55 PM- manic street preachers / revol [the holy bible] on the epic records label.
06:51 PM- cabaret voltaire / nag, nag, nag [live at the ymca] on the rough trade label.
06:47 PM- phantom limb / deep in mines [dance of the guilty] on the sublabel label.
06:44 PM- young marble giants / brand - new - life [colossal youth] on the rough trade label.
06:34 PM- fehlfarben / paul ist tot [monarchie und alltag] on the emi electrola label.
06:29 PM- vietnam / victory [vietnam] on the n/a label.
06:23 PM- whirlywirld / win lose [beyond the southern cross] on the ink records label.
06:17 PM- wipers / over the edge [over the edge] on the restless records label.
06:13 PM- ministry / i'm falling [cold life] on the situation 2 label.
06:08 PM- excentrique noiz / fluorescent dream [matt crescent] on the n/a label.
06:05 PM- the danse society / we're so happy [seduction] on the society records label.
05:58 PM- teenage jesus & the jerks / the closet [pre teenage jesus] on the ze label.
05:55 PM- chrome / eyes on mars [red exposure] on the beggars banquet label.
05:52 PM- mx-80 / tidal wave [hard attack] on the island label.
05:50 PM- stump / living it down [a fierce pancake] on the chrysalis label.
05:43 PM- the raincoats / dancing in my head [odyshape] on the rough trade label.
05:39 PM- lords of the new church / russian roulette [the lords of the new church] on the illegal records label.
05:35 PM- eyeless in gaza / veil like calm [drumming the beating heart] on the cherry red label.
05:32 PM- that petrol emotion / can't stop [manic pop thrill] on the demon label.
05:27 PM- the fall / frightened [live at the witch trials] on the i.r.s. label.
05:24 PM- the pop group / mad truth [citizen zombie] on the freaks r us label.
05:17 PM- au pairs / diet [diet / it's obvious] on the 021 records label.
05:12 PM- pylon / danger [gyrate] on the db label.
05:08 PM- red lorry yellow lorry / talk about the weather [talk about the weather] on the red rhino label.
05:05 PM- the mighty lemon drops / the other side of you [happy head] on the chrysalis label.
05:01 PM- the lucy show / come back to the living [...undone] on the a&m label.