ktru playsheet

Local Show

from Tue 08/06/2002 07:00:00 PM until Tue 08/06/2002 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- lightnin' hopkins / lightnin' jump [houston solos] on the tko label.
08:57 PM- junior varsity / package store [bam bam bam] on the peek-a boo label.
08:45 PM- fatal flying guilloteens / role models [now hustle for the new diaboliks] on the estrus label.
08:44 PM- sugar shack / go! space city! [five weeks ahead of my time] on the estrus label.
08:42 PM- the jewws / space city beat! [the now sound explosion] on the demolition derby label.
08:40 PM- concrete violin / behold a pale horse [squidcomp2001] on the lazy squid rekkidz label.
08:26 PM- the kants / bite the wax tadpole [s/t] on the self released label.
08:26 PM- infernal bridegroom productions / the moth song [version one- goodies for your gumballs] on the self-released label.
08:18 PM- freedom sold / intro [whores] on the suck my records label.
08:11 PM- kable / track 20 [kable 3] on the fleece label.
08:08 PM- kinky friedman / homo erectus [kinky friedman] on the ABC records label.
08:05 PM- rotten piece / bomb nostalgia [bomb nostalgia] on the lazy squid rekkidz label.
08:00 PM- brian allen / berne baby berne [solo trombone] on the braintone label.
07:58 PM- the judys / mental obsession [washarama] on the wasted talent records label.
07:40 PM- the red crayola / side 1 medley: war dance I&II, an harangue, ergastulum, the mistakes of trotsky [art & language & the red crayola] on the drag city/dexter's cigar label.
07:35 PM- culturcide / E&I [tacky souvenirs of pre-revolutionary america] on the self-released label.
07:31 PM- jandek / going away my darling [graven image] on the corwood label.
07:11 PM- dunlavy / woe be to croton [the alison effect] on the camera obscura label.