ktru playsheet


from Tue 10/04/2005 04:00:00 AM until Tue 10/04/2005 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

06:49 AM- bellflur / pretty piece [s/t] on the modular mood label.
06:43 AM- trans am / surrender to the night [surrender to the night] on the thrill jockey label.
06:39 AM- your american math / eldoradomega [motors into the drink] on the kill the bunny label.
06:37 AM- tracy +the plastics / city! [muscler's guide to Videonics] on the chainsaw label.
06:32 AM- niyaz / ghazal [niyaz] on the six degrees label.
06:28 AM- dr. israel / revolution [inna city pressure] on the roir label.
06:21 AM- otomo yoshihide / 5-7 [the night before the death of the sampling virus] on the cargo records label.
06:16 AM- Ammon Contact / omniverses [New Birth] on the Ninja Tune label.
06:08 AM- tosca / busenfreud philippe lussan dub [suzuki indub] on the !k7 label.
06:04 AM- Adult. / hold your breath [d.u.m.e.] on the thrill jockey label.
06:02 AM- felix the cat / collide [tv terror] on the cargo music label.
05:55 AM- velma / i'm a fish [cyclique] on the emperor norton label.
05:54 AM- tortoise / eros [standards] on the thrill jockey label.
05:51 AM- safety scissors / fly in my soup [tainted lunch] on the ~scrape label.
05:45 AM- stereolab / percolator [emperor tomato ketchup] on the elektra label.
05:42 AM- giant Panda / superfly [Fly School Reunion] on the Tres label.
05:40 AM- my bloody valentine / only shallow [loveless] on the sire label.
05:37 AM- the kinks / tired of waiting for you [the kinks greatest hits] on the pye records label.
05:30 AM- the flaming lips / i didnt notice [unconsciously screaming] on the altavistic label.
05:22 AM- seekonk / swim again [for barbara lee] on the kimchee label.
05:17 AM- lost souls / pummarola black [spaccanopoli] on the realworld label.
05:12 AM- fantastic plastic machine / i'm bruce [dimension mix] on the eenie meenie records label.
05:06 AM- music of bulgaria / nyagal na milka dumashe [original 1955 recording] on the elektra label.
05:00 AM- eels / jelly dancers [dimension mix] on the eenie meenie records label.
04:55 AM- m-uziq / chinese bakery [m-uziq vs the auteurs] on the hut recordings usa label.
04:51 AM- revolution 9 / computer girl [lo-fi glamour] on the scarab records label.
04:46 AM- can / paperhouse [tago mago] on the mute label.
04:39 AM- nick cave and the bad seeds / nobody's baby now [let love in] on the mute/electra label.
04:36 AM- cibo matto / Sugar Water [Viva! La Woman] on the Warner Bros label.
04:29 AM- cat power / wild is the wind [the covers record] on the Matador label.
04:22 AM- merzbow / history of child porno in 70's rock ["horn of the goat"cd] on the Freek records label.
04:18 AM- the church / chrome injury [of skins and heart] on the arista label.
04:13 AM- Einsturzende Neubauten / Intermezzo [strategies against architecture] on the somebizzare label.
04:10 AM- devotchka / you love me [How It Ends] on the Cicero Recordings label.