ktru playsheet

allisond, JenessaS

from Fri 09/28/2001 07:00:00 AM until Fri 09/28/2001 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

08:57AM- mouse on mars / katang [vulvaland]

08:54AM- deepi rawal & party / maare jovaa re [navratri]
08:53AM- the latin gentleman / hawaiian song performed as a bolera [pierto rican music in hawaii]

08:49AM- blonde redhead / gone b4 yr home [from th edesk of mr lady]

08:45AM- klucevsek, guy / the blob [free range accordion]

08:42AM- louisiana red / i met lightnin hopkins [driftin']

08:39AM- kid koala and dynomite d / thiro world lover [bombay 2 :electric vindaloo]

08:36AM- jimenez, don santiago / cuando cae la tarde [viva seguin]
08:31AM- apples in stereo / strawbwerryfire [her wallpaper reverie]

08:30AM- black, jim / poet staggered [alas no axis]

08:26AM- rodeo boy / the thrifty heart song [and the streets did shriek]

08:24AM- gilberto gil / nago buddha [parabolic]

08:19AM- various artists / she listens to her heart [motorlab #2]
08:13AM- tracy and the plastics / bear (attacking) [muscler's guide to videonics]

08:12AM- dj spooky the subliminal kid / riddim warfare [riddim warfare]

08:11AM- dj spooky that subliminal kid / roman planetaire [riddim warfare]

08:09AM- Helium / Riddle of the Chamberlin [no guitar]

08:07AM- various artists / cLOUDED [Sound 01]

07:56AM- ooioo / switch on [feather float]

07:55AM- moldy peaches / on top [s/t]

07:54AM- monstre / babygong [sucre 3]
07:46AM- blonde redhead / odiata per le sue virtu [melodie citronique]

07:44AM- la poesie b / je suis tres riche a hong kong [le monde b]

07:38AM- pavement / shady lane [brighten the corners]

07:30AM- miranda july / medical wonder [the binet-simon test]
07:25AM- built to spill / isreal's song [there is nothing wrong with love]

07:21AM- matty and messy / trojan radio [fraimers hamey]

07:17AM- beachwood sparks / the calming seas [s/t]

07:13AM- shivkumar sharma brijbushan kabra and hariprasad chaurasia / rag des [s/t]