ktru playsheet


from Thu 04/08/2004 02:59:00 PM until Thu 04/08/2004 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:56 PM- scout niblett / drummer boy [i am] on the secretly canadian label.
04:53 PM- snuffy jenkins / spanish fandango [pioneer of the bluegrass banjo] on the arhoolie label.
04:49 PM- m83 / 0078h [dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts] on the gooom disques label.
04:48 PM- organum/z'ev / track one [tinnitus vu] on the touch label.
04:48 PM- casio tone for the painfully alone / roberta c [twinkle echo] on the tomlab label.
04:33 PM- people band / part 3 [1968] on the emanem label.
04:32 PM- francis baloye and shangaan band / p.e.a. (mozambique) [v/a the secret museum of mankind: music of east africa] on the yazoo label.
04:30 PM- doormouse / infatuated testicles [the method/freaked out mess] on the violent turd label.
04:27 PM- the telephone company / baby halloween [the king's surprise] on the business deal label.
04:20 PM- lambchop / steve mc queen [aw c'mon] on the merge label.
04:17 PM- spachanis / the mangas song [songs of the greek underworld] on the rounder label.
04:11 PM- mogwai / hunted by a freak [happy songs for happy people] on the advance label.
04:05 PM- dntel / original version [this is the dream of evan and chan] on the plug research label.
04:02 PM- blonde redhead / odiata per le sue virtu [melodie citronique] on the touch n go label.
03:57 PM- lansing-dreiden / laid in stone [the incomplete triangle] on the kemado label.
03:54 PM- deerhoof / C [milk man] on the krs/5 rue christine label.
03:54 PM- hydroponic sound system / hydro soundclash [grids/loops/intersections] on the alternate take label.
03:53 PM- guide / saiyan beimaan [classical indian songs from films] on the hmv label.
03:50 PM- panda / the beauty of deep lines [20 string ep] on the one mountain label.
03:40 PM- aelters / diskrotik part II [ardchild's com.undo] on the sonig label.
03:38 PM- deathprod / orgone donor [morals and dogma] on the rune grammofon label.
03:35 PM- hood / you're worth the whole world [cold house] on the aesthetics label.
03:17 PM- solex / low kick and hard bop [low kick and hard bop] on the matador label.
03:17 PM- the new sound of my bossa nova / visitor dub [for the kids] on the we're twins label.
03:09 PM- aphex twin / xtal [selected ambient works '85-'92] on the R&S records label.
03:08 PM- arling and cameron / here we go! [all in] on the emperor norton label.
03:01 PM- anna oxygen / ponytails [all your faded things] on the cold crush records label.