ktru playsheet


from Tue 04/22/2008 05:00:00 PM until Tue 04/22/2008 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:50 PM- jayaraman, lalgudi g / vaddane [violin waves: south indian classical music] on the felmay label.
06:38 PM- livehuman / 2 am [elefish jellyphant] on the matador label.
06:36 PM- the linus pauling quartet / interstellar absolute power bootycall explosion [killing you with rock] on the september gurls label.
06:34 PM- little red car wreck / teenage welfare mother [motor like a mother] on the yoyo label.
06:31 PM- kk rampage / holiday with the janitor [kk rampage] on the self-released label.
06:27 PM- bob james trio / untitled mixes [explosions] on the esp disk label.
06:21 PM- nettle / duende [build a fort, set that on fire] on the theagriculture label.
06:17 PM- carl stone / woo lae oak [woo lae oak] on the unseen worlds label.
06:07 PM- jandek / sorry, sorry [brooklyn wednesday] on the corwood industries label.
06:02 PM- clarke boland big band / volcano [en concert] on the rte label.
05:59 PM- axa hour of dorableu / gashed and bloodletted [clones of eros] on the fire museum label.
05:53 PM- village band / jhumar [disco bhangra - wedding bands from rajasthan] on the disk union label.
05:44 PM- wondrous horse / il tempo ha posato sei voci che gridano [cavallo meraviglioso] on the fire museum label.
05:43 PM- neon hunk / track 7 [secrets of the hunk vol. 2] on the meowsus label.
05:42 PM- dom kallar oss mods / lea riders group [searchin' for snakes - swedish beat 1965-1968] on the amigo musik label.
05:33 PM- barkingside / basenji [barkingside] on the emanem label.
05:29 PM- servotron / gammatron [no room for humans] on the amphetamine reptile label.
05:22 PM- papas fritas / radio days [passion play] on the minty fresh label.
05:18 PM- rebecca smith, tom miller, and ruth miller / i've got religion [country negro jam session] on the arhoolie label.
05:12 PM- boxdeserter / oneathome [two revolutions] on the edgetone label.
05:07 PM- clusone trio / the gig [i am an indian] on the gramavision label.
05:02 PM- dim sum clip job / mc mega 1000 tard girls [harmolodic jeopardy] on the avant label.