ktru playsheet


from Sun 08/15/2004 07:00:00 PM until Sun 08/15/2004 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:56 PM- tamura, natsuki / track 1 [a song for jyaki] on the leo label.
07:46 PM- mitchell, roscoe / olobo [quartet] on the sackville label.
07:37 PM- shepp, archie / rufus (swung, his face at last to the wind, then his neck snapped) [four for trane] on the impluse label.
07:34 PM- flaherty, paul/ kelley, greg/ corsano, chris / once again... for the first time [sannyasi] on the wet paint label.
07:30 PM- scenic railroads / tracks 2-3 [we're serious] on the gameboy label.
07:22 PM- ninh, le quan / sites [ustensiles] on the for 4 ears label.
07:16 PM- neumann, andrea/ krebbs, annette / rotophorm 2 [rotophormen] on the charhizma label.
07:13 PM- guiffre, jimmy/ konitz, lee / the sad time [iai festival] on the iai label.
07:11 PM- schlippenbach/ parker/ lovens / beelzebub's tales: revised [elf bagatellen] on the fmp label.
07:03 PM- taylor, cecil / bemsha swing [jazz advance] on the blue note label.
07:02 PM- ellington, duke / soul soothing beach [live at the whitney] on the impulse label.