ktru playsheet


from Mon 04/03/2017 12:00:00 PM until Mon 04/03/2017 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:56 PM- thundercat / them changes [drunk] on the brainfeeder label.
12:50 PM- christian wolff / christian wolff [tilbury 3] on the mode label.
12:47 PM- rose ette / hide away [jungle] on the s/r label.
12:44 PM- tinariwen / tiwayyen [elwan] on the wedge label.
12:43 PM- elliott carter / frost poems [three modern american song cycles] on the music & arts label.
12:37 PM- anna wise / some mistakes [the fminine: act ii] on the s/r label.
12:34 PM- homeshake / every single thing [fresh air] on the sinderlyn label.
12:31 PM- zeal&ardor / devil is fine [devil is fine] on the mvka music label.
12:24 PM- evan parker / as the wind [sans everything] on the emanem label.
12:17 PM- transona five / estrogen blaster [transona five] on the sonic surgery label.
12:10 PM- anna wise / coconuts [the feminine:act ii] on the s/r label.
12:07 PM- various artists / in green [polyvinyl plays polyvinyl] on the polyvinyl label.
12:04 PM- homeshake / serious [fresh air] on the sinderlyn label.