ktru playsheet


from Wed 08/08/2007 11:05:00 PM until Wed 08/08/2007 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:43 AM- Octopus Project / Music Is Happiness [One Ten Hundred Thousand Million] on the Peek-a-boo label.
12:39 AM- Negativland / Chicken Diction [Happy Heroes] on the Seeland label.
12:35 AM- Big Black / Racer X [Racer X] on the Homestead label.
12:30 AM- Ween / I Can't Put My Finger On It [Chocolate and Cheese] on the Elektra label.
12:29 AM- Ween / Ocean Man (REQUEST) [The Mollusk] on the Elektra label.
12:24 AM- Delta 9 / Watch Yer Back [Disco Inferno] on the Earache label.
12:23 AM- Jesus Lizard / Dancing Naked Ladies [Bang] on the touch and go label.
12:16 AM- Pegboy / Jesus Christ [Fore!] on the 14 Stick label.
12:15 AM- twink / Scooter pie [ice cream truckin] on the mulatta label.
12:15 AM- Black Lips / Freak Out [Bomp!] on the ? label.
12:09 AM- Current 93 / The Red Face of God [The Red Face of God] on the ? label.
12:05 AM- Solomon Burke / Diamond In Your Mind [Don't Give Up On Me] on the Anti label.
11:59 PM- Tom Waits / How's It Going to End? [Real Gone] on the Anti label.
11:58 PM- Elders of Zion / What's your badge number? [Dawn refuses to rise] on the incidental label.
11:50 PM- Aphex Twin / wax the nip (90) [... I care because you do] on the Sire label.
11:45 PM- Ratatat / Tropicana [Classics] on the XL Recordings label.
11:42 PM- The Sermon / The Other Side of the Mirror [Time Has Come] on the Alternative Tentacles label.
11:39 PM- Drunken Thunder / Goddess of War [Oro de Tontos] on the self released label.
11:34 PM- Xiu Xiu / Clowne Towne [Fabulous Muscles] on the 5rc label.
11:31 PM- Pailhead / Man Should Surrender [Trait EP] on the Wax Trax! label.
11:24 PM- RRope / OK Nic [RRope] on the Smilex label.
11:21 PM- Test Icicles / All You Need Is Blood [Boa vs Python EP] on the Domino label.
11:12 PM- Rapoon / Radio Activity / White Silence [Cold War Drum n' Bass] on the Caciocavallo label.
11:10 OM- Royksopp/ Go With the Flow / [Night Out] on the Astralwerks label
11:08 PM- White Stripes / St. James Infirmary Blues [White Stripes] on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label.