ktru playsheet


from Sun 09/25/2011 07:00:00 PM until Sun 09/25/2011 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:51 PM- televise / the longing [sometimes splendid confusion] on the drifting falling label.
08:48 PM- dead mellotron / shame [s/t] on the s/r label.
08:43 PM- claps / eyes remain [wreck] on the self label.
08:39 PM- dykehouse / one more day [midrange] on the ghostly interntional label.
08:36 PM- the mary onettes / whats so strange [lost ep] on the self label.
08:31 PM- matt bartram / view of the downs [arundel] on the drifting falling label.
08:27 PM- broken little sister / little riot [memories, violet, and demons] on the self label.
08:22 PM- the sweetest ache / tell me how it feels? [sarah comp] on the sarah label.
08:16 PM- walls / burnt sienna [walls] on the kompakt label.
08:04 PM- keith canisius / the oceanic voyage [the oceanic voyage] on the darla label.
07:56 PM- the depreciation guild / a key turns [spirit youth] on the self label.
07:51 PM- sway / what i didn't get to say [this was tomorrow] on the self label.
07:48 PM- bell hellow / the bottle tree (peter du charme remix) [foxgloves extras] on the five03 records label.
07:44 PM- monster movie / the world collapsed [everyone is a ghost] on the graceface records label.
07:37 PM- ulrich schnauss / goodbye [goodbye] on the domino label.
07:30 PM- the voices / goodbye [self titled] on the my kung fu label.
07:24 PM- pia fraus / mute the birds [7 inch split with ulrich schnauss] on the self label.
07:17 PM- seefeel / rip run [self titled] on the warp label.
07:12 PM- kontakte / motorik (matt bartram remix) [soundtracks to lost road movies] on the drifting falling label.
07:09 PM- a shoreline dream / manhattan beach [recollections of memories] on the late night week night records label.
07:07 PM- black swan lane / fall [staring down the path of sound] on the self-released label.