ktru playsheet


from Tue 10/19/2010 01:00:00 PM until Tue 10/19/2010 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:54 PM- stereolab / nihilist assault group [mars audiac quintet] on the elektra label.
02:50 PM- food / quinoa [last supper] on the rune grammoofon label.
02:44 PM- mckennitt, loreena / never-ending road [an ancient muse] on the quinlan road label.
02:40 PM- budos band / black venom [iii] on the daptone label.
02:34 PM- felix da housecat / the future calls the dawn [virgo blaktro & the movie disco] on the rude photo label.
02:31 PM- creeper lagoon / dear deadly [creeper lagoon ep] on the dogday records label.
02:28 PM- johnston, daniel / mind contorted [fun] on the atlantic label.
02:24 PM- luc / ete [pea of the sea] on the aagoo label.
02:19 PM- patrick street / the holy ground [live] on the green linnet label.
02:15 PM- mosquitos / so voce e eu [sunshine barato] on the bar none label.
02:06 PM- dan deacon / snookered [bromst] on the carpark label.
02:02 PM- no age / glitter [everything in between] on the sub pop label.
01:59 PM- mecca normal / trapped inside your heart [sitting on snaps] on the matador records label.
01:51 PM- cabato / krill [naata] on the scenester label.
01:48 PM- marbles / go marilee [pyramid landing and other favorites] on the elephant6/spinART label.
01:42 PM- the very best / nsokoto [warm heart of africa] on the green owl label.
01:37 PM- lickets / in the garden of the london uderground [her name came on arrows] on the international corporation label.
01:33 PM- moving cloud / kitty's rambles/the cook in the kitchen [foxglove] on the green linnet label.
01:30 PM- luther and toby / valhalla [karny sutra] on the hit thing label.
01:23 PM- candy claws / the breathing fire [hidden lands] on the two syllable records label.
01:16 PM- niamh parsons / green grass it grows bonny [in my prime] on the green linnet label.
01:13 PM- orgone / sandstorm pt. 2 [killion vaults] on the ubiquity label.
01:07 PM- acre / centennial [sacrifice] on the digitalis label.
01:05 PM- dust devils / receiver [extant] on the matador label.