ktru playsheet

allisond, JenessaS

from Fri 10/12/2001 07:00:00 AM until Fri 10/12/2001 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:06AM- ravi shankar / charu [in celebration]

08:57AM- dj vadim / micro course in russian [life from the other side]

08:56AM- tractor hips / trunk [s/t]

08:52AM- dj me and dj you / 9 volt [rainbow and robots]

08:48AM- frost, edith / hear my heart [wonder wonder]

08:40AM- jenny toomey / patsy cline [antidote]

08:38AM- Pale / goodnight [high up and away]

08:32AM- dunlavy / sassy [alison effect, the]

08:29AM- Ella Fitzgerald / love is here to stay [the best of song books]

08:23AM- John Prine / Jesus, the missing years [the missing year]
08:18AM- various / ezhupaalam kadamnu [doob doob rama 2]

08:16AM- arsonists / date of birth [date of birth]

08:13AM- tracy and the plastics / muscler's guide to videonics [muscler's guide to videonics]

08:10AM- pavement / stereo [brighten the corners]

08:06AM- fritchey pat / end of the week [End of the week]

08:04AM- sonny sharrock / black woman [black woman]

08:01AM- le tigre / les & ray [s/t]
07:53AM- gilberto gil / i want to be your funk [parabolic]

07:48AM- cibo matto / sugar water [viva la woman]

07:45AM- big sugar / star around crying [500 pounds]

07:42AM- lead belly / in the pines [where did you sleep last night]

07:38AM- 310 / after all [after all]
07:34AM- allen, red / all the good times are passed adn gone [the folkways years 1964-1983]

07:30AM- kissing book / lines and color [supreman vs lloyd]

07:29AM- old time relijun / king of nothing [witchcraft rebellion]

07:25AM- pell mell / in polka dots [star city]

07:23AM- the aka pygmies nzomba / nzomba dances and songs II [s/t]

07:20AM- ups experience / spaceman [bleeding star]

07:15AM- dizzy gillespie / im in teh mood for love [dizzy for president]