ktru playsheet

AlexH, SchaeferE

from Mon 04/04/2011 01:03:00 PM until Mon 04/04/2011 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:55 PM- junior boys / count souveniers [so this is goodbye] on the domino label.
02:51 PM- calexico / panic open string [garden ruin] on the quarterstick records label.
02:44 PM- built to spill / carry the zero [keep it like a secret] on the warner bros. label.
02:41 PM- guided by voices / sons of apollo [half smiles of the decomposed] on the matador label.
02:38 PM- those darlins / mama's heart [those darlins] on the oh wow dang label.
02:34 PM- el-p / meanstreak (in 3 parts) [weareallgoingtoburninhellmagamixxx3] on the gold dust label.
02:32 PM- tarkio / if i had more time [omnibus] on the kill rock stars label.
02:26 PM- test icicles / boa vs. python [boa vs. python ep] on the domino label.
02:25 PM- the jesus and mary chain / feeling lucky [stoned and dethroned] on the american recordings label.
02:19 PM- islands / rough gem [return to the sea] on the equator label.
02:11 PM- lcd soundsystem / home [this is happening] on the dfa label.
02:08 PM- altar eagle / honey [mechanical gardens] on the type label.
02:02 PM- witch / havoc [lazy bones ii] on the normal records label.
01:58 PM- exploding star orchestra / chromo rocker [stars have shapes] on the delmark label.
01:54 PM- REM / we walk [murmur] on the irs label.
01:51 PM- the horrors / excellent choice [the horrors ep] on the polydor label.
01:49 PM- the hidden cameras / fear is on [mississauga goddam] on the rough trade label.
01:48 PM- the shivers / untitled [charades] on the apples & whiskey label.
01:44 PM- the jesus lizard / cold water [the jesus lizard ep] on the jetset label.
01:40 PM- big jack johnson / oil man [the oil man] on the earwig label.
01:37 PM- roky moon and bolt! / hot saturday night [s/t] on the homeskool rekordz label.
01:35 PM- tyvek / 4312 [nothing fits] on the in the red label.
01:31 PM- deerhoof / the merry baracks [deerhoof vs. evil] on the polyvinyl label.
01:29 PM- the strokes / gratisfaction [angles] on the rca label.
01:24 PM- the third twin / this is love [direkttt] on the s/r label.
01:22 PM- fugazi / give me the cure [fugazi] on the dischord label.
01:16 PM- the hold steady / first night [boys and girls in america] on the vagrant label.
01:14 PM- gwar / saddam a go-go [this toilet earth] on the metal blade records label.
01:08 PM- lindstrom & prins thomas / cisco [ii] on the eskimo label.
01:04 PM- smith westerns / be my girl [smith westerns] on the fat possum label.