ktru playsheet

allisond, JenessaS

from Fri 10/05/2001 07:00:00 AM until Fri 10/05/2001 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:00AM- dj cheb i sabbah / the bala bulley shah & baba farid mix: gazelle memories [shri dursa]
08:56AM- half mexican teen witch / yesterdays tuesday [a desert home collection]

08:55AM- japonic / those affected [the social disease]

08:51AM- kostars / jolene on teh freeway [klassic with a k]

08:47AM- stereolab / fiery yellow [mars audiac quintet]

08:43AM- imperial teen / youre one [seasick]

08:41AM- liz phair / crater lake [whip smart]

08:40AM- mixmaster mike and co / mass influence [spin psycle]

08:35AM- neeve nanna / only you were mine [v/a]

08:31AM- t.s. kirk / i got to move/in walked bud [s/t]
08:25AM- marclay, christian / black stucco [records]

08:22AM- samite of uganda / nakku [pearl of africa]

08:17AM- built to spill / big dipper [theres nothing wrong with love]

08:16AM- kid koala / roboshuffle [carpal tunnel syndrome]

08:13AM- ravi shankar / vedic chanting [chants of india]
08:08AM- rondelles, the / cafeteria rock [shined nickels and loose change]

08:06AM- lead belly / irene [where did you sleep last night]

08:02AM- azeem / duragz [craft classic]

08:00AM- pavement / stereo [brighten the corner]

07:56AM- juicy / rocketscience [for the ladies]

07:53AM- v/a / voices of celebration [africa/colors of the world]
07:48AM- tracy and the plastics / ain't never gonna die [muscler's guide to videonics]

07:46AM- fugu / sol y sombra [fugu 1]

07:43AM- california oranges / olivia [little darla has a treat for you, v.16 Spring 2001]

07:39AM- aphex twin / heliosphan [selected ambient works]

07:38AM- loopdrop / micropunto en la carretera [s/t]

07:30AM- Le Tigre / All that Gliters is not gold [Off the desk of Mr Lady]
07:25AM- apples in stereo / benefits of lying (with your friends) [her wallpaper reverie]

07:17AM- vert / to doo is to be [nine types of ambuguity]

07:12AM- mum & sjon / she attempts to say the "word" [motor lab #2]

07:09AM- An April March / Stardust [It Goes without Saying]