ktru playsheet

AmyB, ChrisC

from Tue 04/24/2001 07:00:00 AM until Tue 04/24/2001 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

08:59AM- blind lemon jefferson / that growling baby blues [s/t]

08:54AM- lightnin' hopkins / she's mine [self-titled]

08:51AM- Uncle Tupelo / watch me fall [still feel gone]

08:48AM- karate cowgirl / love her right [karate cowgirl]

08:44AM- skatalites / latin goes ska [ball of fire]

08:41AM- hood / cold fire woods of western lanes [home is where it hurts]
08:33AM- Karate / Not to Call the Police [the bed is in the ocean]

08:27AM- Rainer Maria / Tinfoil [Past Worn Searching]

08:24AM- beauty pill / the cigarette girl from the future [cigarette girl from the future]

08:24AM- V/A / Rev. Horton Heat - Where In the Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush? [Afternoon Delight - Love Songs from Sub Pop]
08:15AM- Chip Taylor / Left Frizell [The London Session Bootleg]

08:14AM- hot water music / The Bitter End [never ender]

08:11AM- Joan of Arc / (You) [I] Can Not See (You) [Me} as (I) [You} Can [The Gap]

08:06AM- iqu and friends / looper mix [teenage dream]
08:02AM- hives / hate to say i told you so [veni vidi vicious]

07:58AM- Townes van Zandt / loretta [live and obscure]

07:55AM- cat power / satisfaction [covers record]

07:52AM- the neilds / lovely rita [gotta get over greta]

07:48AM- spoon / believing is art [girls can tell]

07:43AM- Low / Dinosaur Acts [Things We Lost In the Fire]
07:32AM- Charles Mingus / Track A - Solo Dancer [The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady]

07:29AM- tortoise / seneca [standards]

07:26AM- slackers / wasted days [wasted days]

07:17AM- V/A / The City [LIve at the Blue Room]
07:16AM- blonde redhead / luv machine [in an expression of the unexpressible]

07:12AM- june of 44 / wear two eyes [anahata]

07:07AM- Harlem Slim / Dyin' Crapshooters blues [Delta Blues+Piedmont Ragtime]

07:03AM- bosco + jorge / maria carballo [self titled]