ktru playsheet

AlecT, KaarthikaT

from Wed 01/30/2019 12:00:00 PM until Wed 01/30/2019 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:01 PM- butthole surfers / dracula from houston [weird revoluion] on the hollywood label.
12:50 PM- devendra banhart / wont you come over [mala] on the dmz label.
12:49 PM- chamilionaire / h town ledgend [s/t] on the swisha house label.
12:43 PM- blood orange / sutphin boulevard [sutphin boulevard] on the domino label.
12:41 PM- ellis, robert / good intentions [the lights from the chemical plant] on the new west label.
12:39 PM- scott, travis / coffee bean [astroworld] on the epic / grand hustle / cactus jack label.
12:30 PM- el lago / tentative threads [colors] on the miss champagne label.
12:27 PM- wild moccasins / eye makeup [88 92] on the new west records label.
12:23 PM- tee vee / another way [soft spot] on the miss champagne label.
12:19 PM- bun b / trillionaire [trill og] on the rap-a-lot label.
12:17 PM- astragal / notations [EP] on the wallflower label.
12:15 PM- rose ette / skin [ignore the feeling] on the miss champagne label.
12:08 PM- hunter, devante and anti lilly / unavailable [thus far] on the indigo klan label.
12:04 PM- pearl crush / bend until u break [coax me out] on the poison moon label.