ktru playsheet


from Tue 08/03/2004 01:00:00 AM until Tue 08/03/2004 03:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:54 AM- jandek / take my will [glad to get away] on the corwood industries label.
02:51 AM- brother danielson [request] / physician heal yourself [brother is to son] on the secretly canadian label.
02:44 AM- telefon tel aviv [request] / at the edge of the world you will still float [map of what is effortless] on the hefty label.
02:41 AM- childcraft [request] / follow the rotary [demo #1] on the self-released label.
02:37 AM- mates of state / la'hov [my solo project] on the omnibus label.
02:36 AM- amps for christ / the lamb of god [the beggar's garden] on the shrimper label.
02:34 AM- sam mcGee / how great thou art [country guitar] on the arhoolie label.
02:24 AM- john zorn/maseda / zebdi [aleph] on the DIW label.
02:19 AM- vandermark five / intagliamento [elements of style, excercises in surprise] on the atavistic label.
02:15 AM- prince po / social distortion [the slickness] on the lex label.
02:13 AM- henriksen, arve / ending image [chiaroscuro] on the rune grammofon label.
02:12 AM- slurpees, the / salvador dali's mustache [flavors of everyday life] on the self-released label.
02:09 AM- bad livers / shufflin' to memphis [hogs on the highway] on the sugar hill label.
02:08 AM- danielson, brother / our guest [brother is to son] on the secretly canadian label.
02:02 AM- magnetic fields / In An Operetta [i] on the nonesuch label.
01:58 AM- Polyphonic Spree / Hold Me Now [Together We're Heavy] on the hollywood records label.
01:58 AM- Steve Coleman / All The Guards Are There [The Tao of Mad Phat] on the label.
01:51 AM- Get Smart / Because of Green [Action Reaction] on the Fever label.
01:49 AM- The Streets / Not Addicted [A Grand Don't Come For Free] on the label.
01:45 AM- milkteeth / Lyke-Godfree [s/t] on the malcontent label.
01:41 AM- Sweet Pea / Heartbreaker Dean [Chicks Hate Wes] on the Trance Syndicate label.
01:37 AM- freakwater / Drunk Friend [Feels Like The 3rd Time] on the Thrill label.
01:36 AM- The Misfits / Dream Lover [Project 1950s] on the Rykodisc label.
01:31 AM- Los Straitjackets / itchy chicken [s/t] on the label.
01:29 AM- fatal flying guilloteens / Genius Moves [get knifed] on the estrus label.
01:27 AM- The Negro Problem / Doubting Uncle Tom [Post Minstrel Syndrome] on the Aerial Flipout label.
01:23 AM- Rachid Taha / Boire [Ole Ole] on the Mango label.
01:16 AM- Lunchbox / Just Because [The Magic of Sound] on the Magic Marker label.
01:15 AM- mae shi, the / Hieryonymus Bosch is a dead man [terrorbird] on the 5rc label.
01:11 AM- My Bloody Valentine / Only Shallow [Loveless] on the Sire label.
01:09 AM- vorontsova, julia / Illusions [from st. petersburg with love] on the abaton book company label.
01:07 AM- Polvo / Rock Post Rock [Shapes] on the Touch and Go label.