ktru playsheet


from Mon 01/25/2016 03:00:00 PM until Mon 01/25/2016 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:00 PM- lekman, jens / if you ever need a stranger (to sing at your wedding) [when i said i wanted to be your dog] on the secretly candian label.
04:56 PM- hop along / powerful man [painted shut] on the saddle creek label.
04:51 PM- cooper, dana / flower in a rocky land [stone by stone] on the jalapeno records label.
04:47 PM- lady lamb / vena cava [after] on the mom + pop label.
04:45 PM- sharp, elliot / the boreal - iii [the boreal] on the starkland label.
04:41 PM- lambchop / beers before the barbican [damaged] on the merge label.
04:35 PM- !!! / all u writers [as if] on the warp label.
04:32 PM- diminished men / ask the man who knows [shadow instrumentals] on the abductions label.
04:26 PM- rollercoasterwater / glideboy 64 [dripping retina] on the self-released (charles behring) label.
04:20 PM- neutral milk hotel / two-headed boy [in the aeroplane over the sea] on the merge label.
04:18 PM- jerusalem in my heart / the hypocrite, if he dies, if if if if if [if he dies, if if if if if if] on the constellation label.
04:13 PM- big bill morganfield / strong man holler [ramblin' mind] on the blind pig records label.
04:11 PM- lidell, jamie / it's a kiss [compass] on the warp label.
04:07 PM- joanna newsom / leaving the city [divers] on the drag city label.
04:03 PM- baboon / sucker [face down in the turpentine] on the grass records label.
03:57 PM- dirty three / some things i just don't want to know [whatever you love, you are] on the touch & go label.
03:54 PM- double u, the / diabolical whelk [falling lanterns] on the emperor jones label.
03:53 PM- hold steady, the / citrus [boys and girls in america] on the vagrant label.
03:47 PM- calamity and the owl / radiant being [of wicked splendor] on the jokertown label.
03:45 PM- weirdo/begeirdo / total genius [so i'm the dude in this equation] on the not not fun label.
03:41 PM- deep cuts / barely there [lovegrows] on the sugarhill studious label.
03:38 PM- best kissers in the world / goldfish bowl [best kissers in the world] on the subpop label.
03:34 PM- the black ships / aurelian walls [dead empires] on the s/r label.
03:30 PM- lekman, jens / happy birthday dear friend lisa [when i said i wanted to be your] on the secretly candian label.
03:21 PM- various / chant liturgique en ezel [ethiopie] on the playasound label.
03:18 PM- pure bathing culture / darling, save us [pray for rain] on the partisan label.
03:14 PM- silkworn / give me some skin [developer] on the matador label.
03:09 PM- daphni / light [jialong] on the merge label.
03:06 PM- the do / was it a dream? [both ways open jaws] on the six degrees label.
03:05 PM- diabate, djanka / acoco [djanka] on the sound wave label.