ktru playsheet

CourtJ, AdamG

from Sat 11/17/2007 02:00:00 PM until Sat 11/17/2007 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:55 PM- jandek / i went to hell [the gone wait] on the corwood industries label.
03:51 PM- drums and tuba / the metrics [mostly ape] on the righteous babe label.
03:47 PM- the panda band / signing off (we're almost not even here) part 1 [this vital chapter] on the filter label.
03:40 PM- spoon / metal detektor [a series of sneaks] on the elektra label.
03:38 PM- little wings / next time [light green leaves] on the k label.
03:36 PM- little red car wreck / workaholic [motor like a mother] on the yoyo recordings label.
03:34 PM- sharp, elliott & hug, charlotte / granule [pi:k] on the emanem label.
03:33 PM- the moon seven times / john [7=49] on the roadrunner records label.
03:21 PM- new model army / nothing dies easy [high] on the attack attack label.
03:16 PM- tony, caro, and john / all on the first day [all on the first day] on the shadoks label.
03:13 PM- strange tenants / calling all rude boys [blue beat party] on the naked language records label.
03:08 PM- cave singers, the / seeds of night [invitation songs] on the matador label.
03:07 PM- grisman hartford and seeger / windy mountain [retrograss] on the dawg productions label.
02:59 PM- fiery furnaces / duplexes of the dead [widow city] on the thrill jockey label.
02:53 PM- art of fighting / reasons are all you have left [wires] on the 3 beads of sweat label.
02:50 PM- hearts of animals / underwater staggie [lemming baby ep] on the self-released label.
02:50 PM- agent orange / everything turns grey [living in darknness] on the posh boy label.
02:43 PM- amps for christ / healing feeling [the beggar's garden] on the shrimper label.
02:40 PM- cherry, don / unknown [life at cafe montemarte 1966] on the esp label.
02:37 PM- lou and peter berryman / we don't talk about that [we don't talk about that] on the cornbelt records label.
02:33 PM- fantastic plastic machine / electric lady land [luxury] on the emperor norton label.
02:31 PM- jack hardy / the zephyr take it slow [civil wars] on the great divide records label.
02:20 PM- drakkar sauna / paul's letter to job (theres glass in my hat) [jabraham lincoln] on the clarvoe entertainment label.
02:19 PM- rouse, mikel / como eu estive cego [international cloud atlas] on the exit music label.
02:11 PM- gooding / Mary Pickford [tiny heart attacks] on the s3 label.
02:09 PM- yikes / Carol Ann[whoa comes or blood bomb] on the kill shaman label.
02:07 PM- the wheel of the year / simple gifts [thirty years with the armstrong family] on the flying fish label.
02:04 PM- The Special Pillow / you can do it (just don't do it wrong) [inside the special pillo] on the fanatic label.
02:02 PM- azalea snail / hidden addendum [fumarole rising] on the living stereo label.