ktru playsheet

IanW, AnnC

from Fri 03/24/2006 01:00:00 AM until Fri 03/24/2006 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:02 AM- kings of convenience / the weight of my words [remixes] on the astralwerks label.
02:53 AM- woven hand / arrow head [s/t] on the sounds familyre label.
02:50 AM- the aka pygmies / nzombasong1 [nzomba] on the cardon7 label.
02:44 AM- everything but the girl / rollercoaster [adapt or die] on the atlantic label.
02:41 AM- advantage, the / contra [elf-titled] on the 5rc label.
02:40 AM- okay / bloody [low road/high road] on the absolutely kosher label.
02:40 AM- unknown / unknown [unknown] on the unknown label.
02:37 AM- wesley willis / i whooped spiderman's ass [greatest hits] on the he has a label? label.
02:33 AM- four bitchin' babes / dyslexic [gabby road] on the shanachie label.
02:19 AM- flying luttenbachers / death ray [revenge of the flying luttenbachers] on the skin graft records label.
02:15 AM- the chicharones / pork rind discotheque [when pigs fly] on the camobear label.
02:06 AM- soul coughing / circles [el oso] on the wb label.
02:02 AM- ladytron / amtv [witching hour] on the rykodisc label.
02:01 AM- happy bullets, the / mr gray [the vice and virtue ministry] on the undentiable records label.
01:55 AM- black mountain / modern music [s/t] on the jagjaguwar label.
01:55 AM- all time quarterback / underwater [s/t] on the barsuk label.
01:53 AM- alasdair roberts / admiral cole [no earthly man] on the drag city label.
01:52 AM- dungen / blortgumd? [ta det lungt] on the some import label label.
01:52 AM- animal collective / mouth wooed her [sung tongs] on the alien 8 label.
01:34 AM- les tetes brules / ca fait mal [hot heads] on the sanachie label.
01:31 AM- russian futurists / our pen's out of ink [our thickness] on the upper class label.
01:23 AM- lcd soundsystem / beat connection [losing my edge single] on the dfa label.
01:20 AM- rilo kiley / a better son, daughter [the execution of all things] on the saddle creek label.
01:14 AM- elf power / the creatures [creatures] on the spinart label.
01:12 AM- of montreal / requiem for omm2 [satanic panic in the attic] on the polyvinyl label.
01:07 AM- son ambulance / pleasure now [key] on the saddle creek label.
01:04 AM- los straitjackets / gatecrasher [single] on the sft label.