ktru playsheet

AndrewH, EllenC

from Wed 04/18/2001 04:00:00 AM until Wed 04/18/2001 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

06:58AM- the satans / satan's surf [the satan's 7"]

06:56AM- uncle tupelo / anodyne [anodyne]
06:50AM- magnetic fields / no one will ever love you [69 love songs]

06:46AM- Macha/bedhead / hey goodbye [macha loved bedhead]

06:42AM- wayne rogers / the gateway and the stars [all good works]

06:36AM- smog / your new friend [kicking a couple around]

06:33AM- butterfingers / key [music for gracious living 2 v/a]

06:31AM- polysics / nice [hey! bob! My friend!]

06:28AM- refrigerator / los angeles [glitter jazz]
06:22AM- Mooney suzuki / make you mine [people get ready]

06:19AM- mike johnson / Still [Stacked up (up records comp)]

06:18AM- red red meat / molly's on the rag [red red meat]

06:13AM- beauty pill / the cigarette girl from the future [cigarette girl from the future]

06:11AM- dowd, johnny / another stupid song [johnny dowd's worried mind]

06:05AM- tom waits / tom trauberts blues [small change]

06:01AM- sola / the nations boundaries [blues in the east]

05:56AM- dub narcotic sound system / teenage time bomb [out of your mind]
05:51AM- kayapo-xikrin brazil / krua aben muru [ritual music of the kayapo-xikrin brazil]

05:45AM- beachwood sparks / the calming seas [beachwood sparks]

05:38AM- brotzmann/hano/haino / part 2 [shadows]

05:35AM- die knodel / triet bull [overcooked tyroleans]

05:32AM- silver apples / i don't care what the people say [the garden]

05:30AM- berserk / kamen rider love song [berserk]
05:23AM- plug spark sanjay / december [regular pinto]

05:18AM- phelps, joel + downer trio / our mother the mountain [inland empires]

05:14AM- aphex twin / xtal [selected ambient works I]

05:11AM- sleater-kinney / don't talk like [the hot rock]

05:10AM- roscoe holcombe / coney island [mountain music of kentucky]

05:05AM- land of the loops / multi-family garage sale [m.f.g.s 7"]

05:02AM- the make-up / someone else's world [sleector dub narcotic (k records comp)]

04:59AM- old 97s / alone so far [fight songs]
04:54AM- sunnyland slim / depression blues [blues piano orgy]

04:50AM- robert ealey / love my baby [texas bluesmen]

04:48AM- lisa marr experiment / you let me down [4 am]

04:42AM- turkish delight / living for today [tommy bell]

04:39AM- fluf / dumpling [the classic years]

04:35AM- quintron / grandfather time [these hands of mine]
04:31AM- grandaddy / kim, you bore me to death [a pretty mess by this one band]

04:24AM- califone / beneath the yachtsman [calfone]

04:21AM- sentridoh / brotherly love [the original losing losers]

04:20AM- internal/external / sweetness [inside out ep]

04:15AM- jon spencer blues explosion / 2 kindsa love [now i got worry]

04:11AM- 764-hero / high school poetry [up in orbit (up records compilation)]

04:08AM- welcome / i am right now [sun as night light]

04:04AM- fisk, steve / where's the fire [999 levels of undo]