ktru playsheet

AddisonV, RossP

from Fri 05/16/2014 05:00:00 PM until Fri 05/16/2014 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:57 PM- liars / mess on a missions [mess] on the mute song ltd label.
06:55 PM- knotted cord / illuminated [heavy minerals] on the knotted cord label.
06:49 PM- the chadbournes / dixie fried [lsdc&w: the history of the chadbournes in america] on the fundamental music label.
06:46 PM- kabuan garn yor / gang geng nai krai [thai pop spectacular] on the sublime frequencies label.
06:41 PM- lady sovereign / fiddle with the volume [vertically challenged] on the chocolate industries label.
06:37 PM- nightlands / nico [oak island] on the secretly canadian label.
06:29 PM- motorpsycho & stale storlokken / mutiny! [the death defying unicorn] on the rune grammofon/motopsychadelic tunes label.
06:23 PM- wang inc. / clear a space for the king [risotto in 4/4] on the bip-hop label.
06:20 PM- jprizm / paradox [mindwalker] on the komatoast label.
06:15 PM- sex mob / dark weirdness [sexotica] on the thirsty ea label.
06:12 PM- polysics / each life each end [neu] on the asian man records label.
06:10 PM- trenchmouth / capsule [inside the future] on the skene label.
06:01 PM- wild flag / short version [s/t] on the merge label.
05:57 PM- twink / mint chip [ice cream truckin'] on the mulatta records label.
05:55 PM- beach fossils / gathering [beach fossils] on the captured tracks label.
05:52 PM- chairlift / met before [something] on the columbia label.
05:50 PM- fat tony / hood party [smart a** black boy] on the young one records label.
05:49 PM- winnie the pooh and the blustery day / the wonderful thing about tiggers [walt disney's merriest songs] on the disneyland records label.
05:43 PM- konkoma / me-kyin kyin [koonkoma] on the soundway label.
05:39 PM- the lovely bad things / hear or anywhere [the late great whatever...] on the volcom label.
05:36 PM- woods / suffering season [at echo lake] on the woodsist label.
05:29 PM- dirty projectors / i will truck [the getty address] on the western vinyl label.
05:26 PM- vex ruffin / warm life [s/t] on the stones throw label.
05:22 PM- brazilian girls / sirenes de la fete [lazy lover ep] on the verve label.
05:20 PM- the frogs / snow kisses [here comes santa's pussy] on the matador label.
05:09 PM- cat power / willie [the greatest] on the matador label.
05:08 PM- charlotte hug & frederic blondy / rosa moyensi [bouquet] on the emanem label.
05:07 PM- gardens & villa / echosassy [dunes] on the secretly canadian label.
05:07 PM- balkan beat box / kabuelectro [blue eyed black boy] on the nat geo music label.