ktru playsheet


from Thu 12/08/2005 01:00:00 AM until Thu 12/08/2005 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:53 AM- trio hurricane / blues for john and frank [live at fire in the valley] on the eremite records label.
03:45 AM- apollo sunshine / today is the day [s/t] on the spinart label.
03:40 AM- edloe street / still [dangerous grade] on the bitchin' carrot records label.
03:37 AM- the rice philharmonics / wonderful [a scorching day of abstention] on the -- label.
03:32 AM- zappa, frank / sexual harassment in the workplace [kill ugly radio] on the rykodisk inc. label.
03:26 AM- donelly, tanya / every devil [whiskey tango ghosts] on the 4AD label.
03:23 AM- runner and the thermodynamics / the dude's old lady [s/t] on the ace fu label.
03:20 AM- why? / waterfalls [elephant eyelash] on the anticon label.
03:16 AM- platinum Pied Pipers / stay with me [Triple P] on the Ubiquity label.
03:09 AM- two nice girls / heaven on earth [2 nice girls] on the rough trade records label.
03:07 AM- marianne faithful / the mystery of love [before the poison] on the naive label.
03:01 AM- attic ted / reflextion [hemogoblin] on the pecan crazy label.
02:58 AM- yacht / i fought with my friend [mega] on the marriage label.
02:54 AM- garland, david / this is love [togetherness - control songs vol. 2] on the ergodic label.
02:47 AM- steel pulse / make us a nation [african holocaust] on the ras/sanctuary label.
02:44 AM- medicine ball / gods on earth [planet freakout] on the mb label.
02:40 AM- arizona Amp and Alternator / man on a string [s/t] on the Thrill Jockey label.
02:34 AM- gris gris / year zero [for the season] on the birdman label.
02:32 AM- deerhoof / bone-dry [the runners four] on the 5rc label.
02:29 AM- cross, mike / poor man's heaven [irregular guy] on the sugar hill records inc. label.
02:24 AM- kyriakides / tracks 01-05 [the buffer zone] on the unsounds label.
02:13 AM- treasure mammal / you glow girl [expect the max] on the self-released label.
02:11 AM- king, cast / cheap motel [saw mill man] on the locust label.
02:07 AM- solomon grundy / time is not your own [other stories] on the new alliance records inc. label.
02:03 AM- something happens! / give it away! [been there, seen that, done that] on the virgin music ltd. label.
01:58 AM- kavina, lydia / dance in the moon [music from the ether] on the mode label.
01:55 AM- keating, vicky pratt / into the amazon [blue apples] on the real music from a real indie label.
01:51 AM- soul asylum / ain't that tough [made to be broken] on the twin tone records inc. label.
01:47 AM- revolution 9 / answer me [lo-fi glamour] on the scarab records label.
01:44 AM- keelaghan, james / river run [my skies] on the green linnet records inc. label.
01:37 AM- espers / blue mountain [the weed tree] on the locust label.
01:32 AM- sometime sweet susan / beam [collide] on the 5th and national records inc. label.
01:28 AM- big bill morganfield / strong man holler [ramblin' mind] on the blind pig records label.
01:25 AM- the starlights feat. stanley beckford / hold my hand [soldering] on the poli rhythm label.
01:22 AM- alex north / main title [spartacus: the sound track album] on the hi-fi decca label.
01:13 AM- sleater-kinney / what's mine is yours [the woods] on the sub pop label.
01:10 AM- super cat / girls town [the struggle continues] on the columbia label.
01:06 AM- karate / with age [pockets] on the southern label.
01:02 AM- Mr. B / little brother [Shining the Pearls] on the blind pig label.
01:00 AM- caballero, dan / for respect [for respect] on the touch and go records label.