ktru playsheet


from Tue 11/30/2010 01:00:00 PM until Tue 11/30/2010 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:56 PM- aidan baker / dance dance dance [songs of flower and skin] on the beta lactam ring label.
02:49 PM- ozgen, ihsan and linda burman-hall / bestenigar pesrev usul berefsan [cantemir: music in instanbul and ottoman europe around 1700] on the golden horn label.
02:43 PM- pigeons / no other way [liasons] on the soft abuse label.
02:35 PM- fluxion / fluctuations [perfused] on the echochord label.
02:29 PM- mcgregor, alexander / making movies [part one: aguire returns] on the eskimo laboratories label.
02:21 PM- taraf de haidouks / in a persian market [maskarada] on the crammed discs label.
02:16 PM- stereolab / transona five [mars audiac quintet] on the elektra label.
02:10 PM- burkina electric / mdole [paspanga] on the cantaloupe label.
02:07 PM- of montreal / enemy gene [false priest] on the polyvinyl label.
02:00 PM- lower dens / plastic & powder [twin hand movement] on the gnomonsong label.
01:53 PM- taraf de haidouks / i'm a gambling man [band of gypsies] on the nonesuch label.
01:48 PM- aloe blacc / miss fortune [good things] on the stones throw label.
01:40 PM- loess / greensland [wind and water] on the n5md label.
01:33 PM- kali. z. fasteau / past future present [animal grace] on the flying note label.
01:28 PM- lotus plaza / quicksand [the floodlight collective] on the kranky label.
01:20 PM- storsveit nix noltes / elenska rachenitsa [royal family - divorce] on the fatcat records label.
01:15 PM- grinderman / mickey mouse and the goodbye man [grinderman 2] on the anti- label.
01:12 PM- eric copeland / allen in a garbage dump [alien in a garbage dump] on the paw-tracks label.
01:03 PM- lindstrom & prinx thomas / rothaus [ii] on the eskimo label.