ktru playsheet


from Sun 01/03/2010 10:00:00 PM until Sun 01/03/2010 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

11:53 PM- malevolent creation / 4 [entombed] on the pavement label.
11:48 PM- shadows fall / revelin my loss [of one blood] on the century media label.
11:43 PM- six feet under / holcaust [graveyyard classics] on the metalblade label.
11:40 PM- carnal forge / defacer [firedemon] on the centurymedia label.
11:35 PM- cryptopsy / depths youve fallen [whisper supremacy] on the centurymedia label.
11:30 PM- destruction / final curtain [all hell breaks lose] on the nuclearblast label.
11:27 PM- darkane / convicted [rusted angel] on the relapse label.
11:21 PM- death / pull the plug (live ) [live in la] on the nuclearblast label.
11:14 PM- excommunion / suffering unto the damned [superion] on the mercenary label.
11:11 PM- sinister / bleeding towards [creative killings] on the na label.
10:56 PM- isis / the other + false light [oceanic] on the ipecac label.
10:52 PM- descend / visions [split ep] on the cutting edge label.
10:49 PM- averse sefira / argument obscura [battles clarion] on the lost disciple label.
10:45 PM- fleshgrind / monarch of misery [seeds of abysmal torment] on the century media/decomposed/olympic label.
10:39 PM- dimmu borgir / absolute sole right [puritanical] on the nuclear blast label.
10:34 PM- urkraft / mjolner [thyrfing] on the hammerheart label.
10:29 PM- obscurant / face inthe mirror [lifeform:dead] on the woodcut label.
10:25 PM- diabolical / passenger [synergy] on the mercenary label.
10:20 PM- dillinger escape plan / we are the storm [miss machine] on the relapse label.
10:14 PM- belfmegor / blutsabbath [blutsabbath] on the mercenary label.
10:11 PM- defleshed / 3 [fastforward] on the na label.
10:07 PM- mepistopheles / first death [modern instinct purity] on the na label.
10:03 PM- nile / black seeds [black seeds of vengenance] on the relapse label.
10:02 PM- carnal forge / butchered, slaughtered [please die] on the century media label.