ktru playsheet


from Mon 11/02/2009 07:07:00 AM until Mon 11/02/2009 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

08:55 AM- kaminari taiko / jiryu sandan gaeshi [unleashed] on the kaminari taiko of houston label.
08:50 AM- deathray davies / i put opium in the food [the return of the drunk ventriloquist] on the idol label.
08:43 AM- alan sondheim and myk freedman / track c [julu twine] on the porter label.
08:42 AM- gilberto gil / vitrines [cerebro electronico] on the water label.
08:31 AM- tafo / karye pyar [the sounds of wonder] on the finders keepers label.
08:31 AM- naked on the vague / lonely boys [the blood pressure sessions] on the dual plover label.
08:24 AM- yo la tengo / when it's dark [popular songs] on the matador label.
08:22 AM- crystal castles / crimewave [crystal castles] on the last gang label.
08:17 AM- silkworm / give me some skin [new school/ old school] on the matador label.
08:16 AM- signal lost / terminal [prosthetic screams] on the prank label.
08:16 AM- jon spencer blues explosion / get down lover [xtra acme usa] on the matador label.
08:07 AM- squirrel nut zippers / hot christmas [christmas caravan] on the mammoth label.
08:05 AM- spoon / lines in the suit [girls can tell] on the merge label.
07:59 AM- skinny puppy / morpheus laughing [too dark park] on the capitol label.
07:57 AM- black lips / hippie hippie, hoorah [let it bloom] on the in the red records label.
07:52 AM- shark quest / baii [battle of the loons] on the merge label.
07:47 AM- the sea and cake / track 2 [two gentlemen] on the thrill jockey label.
07:41 AM- branch, billy and lurrie bell and the sons of blues / i need you so bad [chicago's young blues generation] on the evidence label.
07:34 AM- azambuja / tema de azambuja [black rio 2] on the strut label.
07:32 AM- blonde redhead / luv machine [in an exression of the inexpressible] on the touch n' go label.
07:30 AM- group doueh / tazit kalifa [treeg salaam] on the sublime frequencies label.
07:19 AM- wayside drive / listen to what's missing [words] on the s/r label.
07:16 AM- cave / machines and muscles [psychic psummer] on the important label.
07:15 AM- astatke, mulatu featuring belaynesh wubante and assegedetch asfaw / blue nile [psych-funk 101 1968-1975 a global psychedelic funk curriculum] on the world psychedelic funk classics label.