ktru playsheet


from Mon 01/11/2016 02:58:00 PM until Mon 01/11/2016 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:55 PM- neutral milk hotel / two-headed boy/the fool [in the aeroplane over the sea] on the merge/domino label.
04:51 PM- primich, gary / route 90 [mr. freeze] on the flying fish label.
04:43 PM- kikagaku moyo / white moon [forest of lost children] on the beyond label.
04:38 PM- demarco, mac / chamber of reflection [salad days] on the captured tracks label.
04:32 PM- the black ryder / let me be your light [the door behind the door] on the the anti-machine machine label.
04:31 PM- dear nora / suicide song [mountain rock] on the magic marker label.
04:24 PM- rollercoasterwater / glideboy 64 [dripping retina] on the self-released (charles behring) label.
04:19 PM- dead horse / every god for himself [peaceful death & pretty flowers] on the relapse label.
04:16 PM- fuzz / rat race [ii] on the in the red label.
04:14 PM- hold steady, the / citrus [boys and girls in america] on the vagrant label.
04:09 PM- i.k. dairo and his blue spots / alabiyamo eku ewu [i remember] on the i.k. dairo and rakumi label.
04:02 PM- dirty three / some things i just don't want to know [whatever you love, you are] on the touch and go label.
03:58 PM- shinyribs / baby what's wrong? [okra candy] on the mustard lid label.
03:56 PM- doldrums / funeral for lightning [the air conditioned nightmare] on the sub pop label.
03:48 PM- lady lamb / dear arkansas daughter [after] on the mom + pop label.
03:47 PM- deep lust / club tommy [s/t] on the kill rockstars label.
03:41 PM- floating points / for marmish [elaenia] on the pluto; pluto label.
03:33 PM- either orchestra / look to the lion [afro-cubism] on the accurate label.
03:27 PM- liars / broken witch [they were wrong, so we drowned] on the mute label.
03:23 PM- computer magic / fuzz [davos] on the channel 9 records label.
03:18 PM- sepulveda, charlie / sun & sea [the new arrival] on the antilles label.
03:12 PM- semiautomatic / epilogue [resident genius] on the 5rc label.
03:08 PM- mynabirds / say something [lovers know] on the saddle creek label.
03:06 PM- sad like crazy / steam [populist octopus] on the ojet label.
03:02 PM- ritter, josh / idaho [the animal years] on the v2 records label.
03:01 PM- gotcha! / dance with me [words and music from da lowlands] on the bmg ariola benelux b.v. label.