ktru playsheet


from Thu 10/25/2012 12:00:00 AM until Thu 10/25/2012 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:57 AM- blonde redhead / led zep [in an expression of the inexpressible] on the touch andgo label.
12:55 AM- ISM / I think I love you [Hits that Missed 1982-1989] on the s/r label.
12:52 AM- bearsuit / itsuko got married [cat spectacular] on the microindie label.
12:51 AM- john sinclair / one note [thelonious: a book of monk] on the new alliance label.
12:48 AM- radar eyes / miracle [radar eyes] on the hozac records label.
12:44 AM- cat power / the greatest [the greatest] on the matador label.
12:41 AM- teen daze / new life [inner mansions] on the lefse records label.
12:35 AM- lotus plaza / strangers [spooky action at a distance] on the kranky label.
12:32 AM- woods / back to the stone [bend beyond] on the woodsist label.
12:28 AM- stars / elevator love letter [heart] on the arts & crafts label.
12:23 AM- baaba maal / tindo [television] on the palm pictures label.
12:16 AM- rameses iii / no water, no moon [i could not love you more] on the type label.
12:12 AM- the tallest man on earth / 1904 [there's no leaving now] on the dead oceans label.
12:09 AM- ema / breakfast [past life martyred saints] on the soulterrain transmissions label.