ktru playsheet

AdamB, LizP

from Thu 02/16/2006 01:00:00 AM until Thu 02/16/2006 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

04:00 AM- wrn / wrn [wrn] on the wrn label.
04:00 AM- the mountain goats / cubs in five [nine black poppies] on the emperor jones label.
03:58 AM- grandaddy / gentle spike resort [a pretty mess by this one band] on the new dark green label.
03:49 AM- pucho and his latin soul bros / for the love of money [how'm I doin] on the cannonball label.
03:43 AM- afro-mystik / futuretropic [latin travels] on the six degrees label.
03:42 AM- bikini kill / rebel girl [the singles] on the kill rock stars label.
03:29 AM- gonzales, delia and gavin russom / relevee [the days of mars] on the dfa label.
03:25 AM- murphy's law / murphy's law [murphy's law] on the profile label.
03:21 AM- Arctic monkeys / stickin to the floor [when the sun goes down] on the domino label.
03:19 AM- husker du / celebrated summer [the living end] on the warner bros label.
03:11 AM- yo la tengo / moonrock mambo [summer sun] on the matador label.
03:09 AM- air / you make easy [moon safari] on the caroline/source label.
03:04 AM- budos band, the / the volcano song [s/t] on the daptone label.
03:03 AM- va / village band [disco banghra] on the disk union label.
02:56 AM- dr. israel / cover me [patterns of war] on the roir label.
02:56 AM- va / village band [dsico banghra] on the disk union label.
02:54 AM- satia / keith hudson meets king tubby [rough guide to dub] on the world music network label.
02:50 AM- bango / only [bango] on the shadoks label.
02:48 AM- zap mama / son cubano [adventures in afropea 1] on the crammed label.
02:47 AM- nina simone / sinnerman [verve-remixed2] on the verve label.
02:44 AM- dpshn ranch / an exit [darkwave music of the shadows] on the k-tel label.
02:34 AM- melt-banana / it's in the pillcase [it's in the pillcase] on the comic book label.
02:28 AM- my life with the thrill kill kult / the days of swine and roses [confessions of a knife] on the spurburn label.
02:25 AM- dirty faces / bump [superamerican] on the brah label.
02:21 AM- the glove / girl [blue sunshine] on the rough trade label.
02:19 AM- gris gris / pick up your raygun [for the season] on the birdman label.
02:08 AM- kevin martin / anthropology [evidence of the great southern wasteland] on the kevin martin label.
02:04 AM- this mortal coil / the jeweller [filigree and coil] on the 4ad label.
02:00 AM- twink / choo choo [the broken record] on the seeland label.
01:56 AM- caribou / the barn [marinoaudio] on the domino label.
01:51 AM- magnetophone / the only witching you'll be doing [the man who ate the man] on the 4ad label.
01:48 AM- ellis, Jeremy / bombakiss [The Lotus Blooms] on the Ubiquity Recordings label.
01:42 AM- mudhoney / no end in sight [piece of cake] on the reprise label.
01:37 AM- dierdre / waiting for spring [One] on the Six Degrees label.
01:30 AM- blonde redhead / I still get my rocks off [la mia vita violenta] on the smells like label.
01:22 AM- neutral. / cut paper [caller id] on the mad monkey label.
01:15 AM- el-p / when the moon was blue ft. harry keys [high water] on the thirsty ear recordings label.
01:10 AM- the faint / let the poison spill frommyour throat [danse macabre] on the saddle creek label.
01:07 AM- meat beat manifesto / blind [at the center] on the thirsty ear label.
01:05 AM- ladytron / evil [ladytron] on the light and magic label.