ktru playsheet


from Sat 08/28/2004 07:00:00 PM until Sat 08/28/2004 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:55 PM- giuffre, jimmy / temporarily [1961] on the ecm label.
08:52 PM- tamura, natsuki / my folk song [a song for jyaki] on the leo label.
08:51 PM- sugimoto, taku/ siewert, martin/ stangl, burkhard / sss [improvised music from japan, disk 3] on the self-released label.
08:44 PM- muller, gunter / nakamura, toshimaru / .... tint [tint (amplify 02 disc 2)] on the erstwhile label.
08:41 PM- fujii, satoko & paul bley / something about water [something about water] on the libra label.
08:36 PM- parker, evan / lytton, paul / on reflection [live at the unity theatre] on the psi label.
08:22 PM- animal collective / two sails on a sound [here comes the indian] on the paw tracks label.
08:14 PM- charalambides / track 2 [unknown spin] on the kranky label.
08:11 PM- comets on fire / wild whiskey [blue cathedral] on the sub pop label.
08:10 PM- pelt / antipodes [burning / filament/ rockets] on the econogold label.
08:04 PM- in the land of archers / movement 4 [(i am) the monster that walks on all fours] on the deadline label.
07:55 PM- black dice / creature [creature comforts] on the DFA label.
07:52 PM- mori, ikue & parkins, zeena / ghostlake [phantom orchard] on the mego label.
07:48 PM- scenic railroads / the money's good, but the women are better [we're serious] on the gameboy label.
07:41 PM- doerner/kelley/neumann/rainey / track 1 [thanks, cash] on the sedimental label.
07:36 PM- rowe/tilbury / cathnor [haunted weather] on the staubgold label.
07:32 PM- nakatani, tatsuya / reincarnation [green report 12] on the h&h label.
07:14 PM- taylor, cecil / cecil taylor unit, 19:07 [one too many salty swift and not goodbye] on the hat hut label.
07:11 PM- cotten, elizabeth / wilson rag [freight train and other north carolina folk songs and tunes] on the smithsonian folkways label.
07:08 PM- rev. charlie jackson / god's got it [god's got it] on the case quarter label.
07:07 PM- mcghee, brownie & sonny terry / better day [brownie mcghee and sonny terry sing] on the smithsonian folkways label.