ktru playsheet


from Thu 04/05/2001 08:00:00 AM until Thu 04/05/2001 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

08:53AM- cave, nick + the bad seeds / red right hand [let love in]

08:50AM- lisa marr experiment / you let me down [4 am]
08:43AM- shadowy men on a shadowy planet / (relax) you will think you are a chicken [sport fishin' the lure of the bait, the luck of the hook]

08:41AM- satan's pilgrims / devil's punchbowl [around the world with satan's pilgrims]

08:40AM- satan's cheerleaders / train to satanville [infinity]

08:36AM- v/a: south texas polka party / la chicharonera [[artist]: narciso martinez]

08:34AM- 7 year bitch / get lit [viva zapata!]

08:31AM- abbc / je vousrais me rappeller [tete a tete]

08:28AM- costello, elvis / imperial bedroom [imperial bedroom]

08:27AM- trans am / illegal ass [you can always get what you want]
08:12AM- add n to x / adding n to x [add insult to injury]

08:11AM- v/a: corridos & tragedias de la fronteria / el contrabando del paso [[artist]: duo el arte mexicano]

08:09AM- hank and slim / gas, food, trailer [the world turned gingham]

08:06AM- his name is alive / fossil [livonia]

08:00AM- harvey, pj / to bring you my love [to bring you my love]