ktru playsheet


from Tue 02/03/2004 01:00:00 AM until Tue 02/03/2004 03:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:58 PM- deerhoof / hark the empire [reveille] on the krs label.
02:54 PM- joy division / the only mistake [still] on the grafica label.
02:51 PM- ninjas / london mind state [ninja cuts - flexistentialism] on the ninja tune label.
02:45 PM- gang of four / damaged goods [entertainment] on the emc label.
02:41 PM- bjorkenheim/hakerflaten/nilssen-love / sade [scorch trio] on the rune grammofone label.
02:38 PM- trio s / majorca [trio s] on the zitherine label.
02:33 PM- shy child / dawn to dust [humanity ep] on the grenadine label.
02:22 PM- Blond Red Head / melody of certain three [Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons] on the touch and go label.
02:18 PM- Ted Leo/the Pharmacists / Dial Up [The Tyranny of Distance] on the Lookout Records label.
02:16 PM- big sandy and his fly-rite boys / the money tree [it's time] on the yep roc label.
02:14 PM- Marine Research / Hopefulness to Hopelessness [Sounds of the Gulf Stream] on the K label.
02:12 PM- Mary Lou Lord / Hard Road [Mary Lou Lord/Sean Na Na] on the KRS label.
02:09 PM- hella / Hello Great Architect of the Universe [the devil isn't red] on the 5rc label.
02:07 PM- The Shins / Turn a Square [Chutes to Narrow] on the Subpop label.
02:03 PM- Sunny Day Real Estate / Guitar and Video Games [LIVE] on the Sub Pop label.
02:01 PM- black lips / ain't no deal [s/t] on the bomp label.
01:56 PM- oneida / all arounder [anthem of the moon] on the jagjaguwar label.
01:52 PM- mogwai / sine wave [rock action] on the matador label.
01:47 PM- stevens, sufjan / all good naysayers, speak up! [greetings from michigan] on the sounds familyre/asthmatic kitty label.
01:43 PM- pullman / or, otherwise [viewfinder] on the thrill jockey label.
01:42 PM- roger smith / spanish guitar b2 [spanish guitar] on the emanem label.
01:37 PM- greg davis / nicholas [arbor] on the car park label.
01:33 PM- john fahey / days have gone by [days have gone by] on the takoma label.
01:25 PM- 764 Hero / Oceanbound [Nobody Knows this is Everywhere] on the tiger style label.
01:23 PM- Tom Waits / Clap Hands [Beautiful Maladies] on the Island Records label.
01:17 PM- Bright Eyes / Sunrise, Sunset [Fevers and Mirrors] on the Saddle Creek label.
01:16 PM- cooper-moore / the people [deep in the neighborhood of history and influence] on the hopscotch label.
01:10 PM- CUB / New York City [Come Out Come Out] on the Mint Records label.
01:09 PM- Joel RL Phelps and the Downer Trio / Our Mother the Mountain [Inland Empires] on the Money Shot label.
01:06 PM- pedro the lion / of minor prostitues and their prostitute wives [It's hard to find the friend] on the Jade Tree label.
01:01 PM- vanderslice, john / When it hits my Blood [cellar door] on the barsuk label.
01:00 PM- arab strap / The Week never starts round here [monday at the hug & pint] on the matadork label.
12:59 PM- Mountain goats / Palmcorder Yajna [we shall all be healed] on the 4ad label.