ktru playsheet


from Tue 10/07/2003 09:00:00 AM until Tue 10/07/2003 11:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:58 AM- juno / all your friends are comedians [this is the way it goes and goes and goes] on the desoto label.
10:54 AM- the tall dwarves / skin of my teeth [weeville] on the flying nun label.
10:51 AM- the wrens / dust [silver] on the grass label.
10:49 AM- william carlos williams / alive with gynicmarvels [white women] on the shoestring label.
10:46 AM- the deathray davies / dominique [midnight at the black nail polish factory] on the glurp label.
10:45 AM- clientele, the / jamaican rum rhumba [the violet hour] on the merge label.
10:41 AM- television / see no evil [marquee moon] on the elektra label.
10:39 AM- neko case / things that scare me [blacklisted] on the bloodshot label.
10:36 AM- reindeer section / the opening taste [y'all get scared now, ya hear] on the bright star label.
10:29 AM- The magnetic felds / I think I need a New Heart [69 Love Songs] on the Merge label.
10:25 AM- Quasi / better luck next time [The Sword of God] on the Touch and Go label.
10:24 AM- Caustic Resin / Man from Michigan [The Medicine is All Gone] on the Alias label.
10:21 AM- molina, juana / el desconfiados [segundo] on the domino label.
10:11 AM- Mecca Normal / Throw SIlver [dovetail] on the K label.
10:09 AM- Bright Eyes / Haligh, Haligh, alie, Haligh [Fevers and Mirrors] on the Saddle Creek label.
10:06 AM- pinback / victorius d [off cell] on the absolutely kosher label.
10:05 AM- Musaique / Leve la Jambe, Armande [Ad Vielle que pourra] on the xenophile label.
10:04 AM- on an ocean amp / tabun kitto [(in japanese)] on the forget your name label.
10:01 AM- magazine / rhythm of cruelty [secondhand daylight] on the virgin label.
09:56 AM- interpol / obstacle 1 [turn on the bright lights] on the matador label.
09:52 AM- scout niblett / ground breaking service [sweet heart fever] on the secretly canadian label.
09:50 AM- barmitzvah brothers / sfog [the night of the party] on the robosapien label.
09:46 AM- gang of four / i love a man in uniform [songs of the free] on the warner brothers label.
09:40 AM- nels cline and gregg bendian: music of john coltrane / lonnie's lament [interstellar space revisited] on the atavistic label.
09:37 AM- pink & brown / black pearl [shame fantasy ii] on the load label.
09:35 AM- silver scooter / tribute to the phone calls [orleans parish] on the peek-a-boo label.
09:34 AM- jackson, reverend charlie / I gave up all I have [god's got it] on the case quarter label.
09:29 AM- Clara Nunes / with Angela Maria: A flor da pele [Com Vida] on the Odeon Records, Brazil label.
09:27 AM- Edith Frost / Cars and Parties [Wonder Wonder] on the Drag City label.
09:19 AM- legendary shack shakers / help me from my brain [cockadoodledon't] on the bloodshot label.
09:18 AM- Miles Davis / Green Haze [Bluing: Miles Davis Plays the Blues] on the Prestige label.
09:13 AM- delgados / All I need is Hate [hate] on the mantra label.
09:12 AM- Spoon / Believing is Art [Girls Can Tell] on the Merge label.
09:08 AM- The Shins / New Slang [Oh, Inverted World] on the Subpop Records label.
09:07 AM- The Queers / I don't want to live on the Moon [Today] on the Lookout records label.