ktru playsheet

Andrew Se

from Thu 11/03/2005 03:00:00 PM until Thu 11/03/2005 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:55 PM- devotchka / how it ends [How It Ends] on the Cicero Recordings label.
04:52 PM- anton lavey / satan takes a holida [satan takes a holiday] on the amarillo label.
04:49 PM- death from above 1979 / turn it out [you're a woman, i'm a machine] on the vice label.
04:48 PM- of montreal / rapture rapes the muses [satanic panic in the attic] on the polyvinyl label.
04:41 PM- reverend gary davis / if i had my way [if i had my way: early home recordings] on the smithsonian folkways label.
04:37 PM- deerhoof / rrrrrrrrrrrright [the runners four] on the 5rc label.
04:34 PM- lightning hopkins / walking blues [the gold star sessions] on the arhoolie label.
04:32 PM- new humans / ready set go [untitled] on the unreleased demo label.
04:25 PM- schooly d / psk what does it mean [80's underground rap can you feel it] on the rhino label.
04:21 PM- howlin wolf / come to me baby [ain't gonna be your dog] on the chess label.
04:17 PM- lightning bolt / bizarro zarro land [hypermagic mountain] on the load label.
04:14 PM- new pornographers, the / sing me spanish techno (request) [twin cinema] on the matador label.
04:10 PM- pepe deluxe / indifference (request) [beatitude] on the catskills records label.
04:06 PM- two gallants / two days short of tomorrow [the throes] on the alive label.
04:03 PM- lead belly / in the pines [where did you sleep last night] on the smithsonian folkways label.
03:51 PM- flossie and the unicorns / free guitar lessons for animals [lmnop] on the skin graft label.
03:46 PM- digable planets (request) / blowing down [blowout comb] on the pendulum label.
03:43 PM- patrick wolf / the railway house (request) [wind in the wires] on the tomlab label.
03:39 PM- mc trachiotomy (pseudorequest) / valentine [s/t] on the rhinestone label.
03:36 PM- octopus project (request) / music is happiness [one ten hundred thousand million] on the peek a boo label.
03:26 PM- no means no (request) / the phone call [one] on the alternative tentacles label.
03:21 PM- beck / funky little song (request) [dimension mix] on the eenie meenie records label.
03:15 PM- kane, jonathan / pops [february] on the table of the elements label.
03:10 PM- ladytron [request] / commodore rock [commodore rock ep] on the invicta hi fi label.
03:07 PM- jaylib / react [champion sound] on the stones throw label.
03:02 PM- monk, thelonious quartet / evidence [at carnegie hall] on the blue note label.
02:58 PM- koushik and dudley perkins / don't cry baby [the free design: the now sound redesigned] on the light in the attic label.