ktru playsheet

AliceC, BryceG

from Wed 02/20/2008 11:00:00 AM until Wed 02/20/2008 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:03 PM- do make say think / if i only [do make say think] on the constellation label.
01:01 PM- twizzle / m'kenzie [s'prise inside] on the happi tyme records label.
12:53 PM- hrsta / entre la mer et l'eau douce [ghosts will come and kiss our eyes] on the constellation label.
12:50 PM- that 1 guy / one [songs in th ekey of beotch] on the righteous babe records label.
12:47 PM- vampire hands / aaroo, piano [virgin dust american lips] on the self released label.
12:44 PM- illinois / nosebleed [what the hell do i know?] on the ace fu label.
12:41 PM- mali, taylor / what teachers make [conviction] on the words worth ink label.
12:38 PM- deerfhoof / chatterboxes [the runners four] on the 5rc label.
12:35 PM- lickets / five days without a name [journey in caldecott] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
12:31 PM- armando almendarez & conjunto mexico / boppin' the rock [san antonio's conjuntos in the 1950's] on the arhoolie label.
12:29 PM- big sir / get off the b [und die scheibe andert sichimme] on the gold standard labora label.
12:26 PM- gyorgy ligeti / six bagatelles for wind quintet (1953) allegro grazioso [sonic rebellion] on the naxos label.
12:23 PM- dengue fever / tiger phone card [venus on earth] on the m80 music label.
12:20 PM- skeleton key / all the things i've lost [fantastic spikes through balloon] on the capitol records label.
12:13 PM- canambu / para bailar elson [el son no ha muerto] on the rhino label.
12:10 PM- thelonius monk orchestra / off minor [at town hall] on the riverside label.
12:06 PM- diverse / explosive (feat. lyrics born) [one a.m.] on the chocolate industries label.
12:03 PM- the jayhawks / six pack on the dashboard [the jayhawks] on the bunkhouse records label.
11:58 AM- silversun pickups / kissing families [pikul] on the dangerbird label.
11:53 AM- joe williams / get out of my life, woman [blue note - greatest samples from the blue note lab] on the blue note label.
11:47 AM- talibam! / guns and butter [ordination of the globetrotting conscripts] on the azd label.
11:40 AM- extra golden / night runners [hera ma nono] on the thrill jockey label.
11:37 AM- old 97s / friends forever [drag it up] on the new west label.
11:34 AM- jandek / gretchen [living in a moon so blue] on the corwood label.
11:31 AM- prefuse 73 / class of 73 bells, featuring school of seven bells [preparations] on the warp label.
11:25 AM- oldheim, will / call me a liar [guarapero: lost blues 2] on the drag city label.
11:21 AM- beirut / a sunday smile [the flying club cup] on the ba da bing label.
11:15 AM- porgy and bess / strawberry woman [oscar peterson and joe pass] on the pablo records label.
11:11 AM- assif tsahar/cooper-moore/chad taylor / human interface [digital primitives] on the hopscotch records label.
11:05 AM- aphex twin / polynomial-C [classics] on the pias label.