ktru playsheet


from Sun 01/28/2018 08:00:00 PM until Sun 01/28/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- tofubeats / yume no naka made [lost decade] on the warner music japan label.
09:55 PM- southern all stars / sha la la [s/t] on the victor label.
09:53 PM- the blue hearts / train train [s/t] on the east west japan label.
09:47 PM- suga shikao / kiseki [parade] on the speedstar records label.
09:44 PM- york / find you [the new beginning] on the rhythm zone label.
09:37 PM- m-flo / cosmic night run [mf10] on the rhythm zone label.
09:31 PM- def tech / my way [greatest hits] on the euntalk label.
09:27 PM- southern all stars / just a little bit [southern all stars ballads] on the victor label.
09:24 PM- kumi kaori / kamigayureteiru [s/t] on the s/t label.
09:20 PM- taeko ohnuki / 4:00 am [1978] on the s/t label.
09:18 PM- various artists / novmeber wine [phonkwaves] on the tracking waves label.
09:14 PM- rip slyme / rock it [good times] on the warner music label.
09:10 PM- gobi, leila / eh khanzam [2017] on the clermont label.
09:09 PM- chuckee / ocean cruise zone [clouds] on the s/r label.
09:03 PM- magna carda / the infatuation [somewhere between] on the s/r label.
09:01 PM- yung castor / if you don't know me by now/freefallin' [s/t] on the s/t label.
08:59 PM- shamana / aint been home [shamana] on the s/t label.
08:55 PM- dojo! / say that! [!] on the s/t label.
08:52 PM- lehvi / pineapple pool party [lehvi] on the s/t label.
08:50 PM- misogi / rebel angels [rebel] on the misogi label.
08:48 PM- gajek / von hammel ['17] on the monkeytown label.
08:46 PM- eqal. / searching for days 2.0 [searching] on the s/t label.
08:42 PM- rascal / lovely [lovely] on the s/t label.
08:38 PM- wav daddy / remember the finesse [finesse] on the wav daddy label.
08:35 PM- myrror / > [>] on the > reversed label.
08:32 PM- shredders / holy moses [dangerous jumps] on the doomtree label.
08:30 PM- a ma i / sophie [sophie] on the s/t label.
08:27 PM- hymbeats / money n choppas [money] on the s/t label.
08:26 PM- y4nn / ur body [ur body] on the sc label.
08:25 PM- laced / guwop [guwop] on the s/t label.
08:23 PM- santa muerte x omaar / mine's evo [majia split ep] on the majia label.
08:14 PM- noeley / memphis [memphis] on the s/t label.
08:13 PM- yung castor / back stabbers [back stabbers] on the s/t label.
08:10 PM- astro raw / keep rockin [keep rockin] on the s/t label.
08:08 PM- Falcxne / feel me [feel me] on the s/t label.
08:03 PM- mattdeguia / heaven sent [heaven sent] on the s/t label.
08:02 PM- tomppabeats / emotional crank [emotional crank] on the sc label.