ktru playsheet

DJ Malone

from Sat 05/11/2019 06:00:00 PM until Sat 05/11/2019 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:56 PM- Jeff Chan / Round and round [In Chicago] on the Asian Improv label.
07:51 PM- Majek Fashek / Spirit of love [Spirit of love] on the interscope Records label.
07:40 PM- Swearin / Anyway [Fall into the sun] on the merge label.
07:39 PM- Chas smith / Descent [Descent] on the Cold Blues Music label.
07:33 PM- Dudek gerd / Body and soul [Smatter] on the psi label.
07:19 PM- The big pink / Crystal viston [A brief Histoy of love] on the 4ad label.
07:16 PM- Guitar slim & jelly belly / Snowing And Raining [Carolina Blues] on the Arhoole label.
07:10 PM- Kazyak / our day dream [Reflection] on the Team cleamont label.
07:07 PM- James Emery/ Lliad Quartet / One Eleven [Turbulence] on the Knitting factory works label.
07:02 PM- Tirzah / Reach Hi [devoton] on the Domino Recordings label.
06:59 PM- Muzak John / Story? Song [LO-FI ? acoustic] on the S/R label.
06:55 PM- John Campbell / Emily [At Maybeck] on the Concord jazz inc label.
06:49 PM- Ding Dong Ft Bravo / Dweet [Regge Gold 2018] on the VP label.
06:45 PM- Ghetto Priest / Dry Bone [Vulture Culture] on the On- U sound label.
06:38 PM- John Campbell / Invitation [At maybeck] on the Concord jazz inc label.
06:36 PM- Dreams / No one defeats us [no one defeats us] on the astralwerks label.
06:34 PM- chris jagger / stand up for the foot [rock the zydeco] on the Crub records label.
06:30 PM- dJ ALIBI / Tenth Round [one day] on the Tres label.
06:29 PM- suspension / alap [CBD TRIO] on the CDB TRIO label.
06:23 PM- Public Practice / Bad girls [Distance is A mirror] on the Wharf Cat Records label.
06:17 PM- W. Furry lewis / M from memphis worried blues [Blues Magician] on the Records label.
06:07 PM- Miles davis / Concierto de aranjez [Sketchs of spain] on the Legacy label.