ktru playsheet

BenjaminJ, JahnaviJ

from Thu 11/30/2017 05:00:00 PM until Thu 11/30/2017 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:59 PM- lomelda / bam sha klam [thx] on the double double whammy label.
05:54 PM- laika / looking for the jackalope [offbeat] on the sextoy label.
05:51 PM- torres / tongue slap your brains out [three futures] on the 4ad label.
05:46 PM- mlodic / i want you [free my mind] on the s/r label.
05:41 PM- mashrou leila / kalam [ibn el leil] on the shoop shoop label.
05:39 PM- st. vincent / fear the future [masseduction] on the loma vista label.
05:37 PM- mr. lif and brass menazeri / guiding light [resilient] on the hearth label.
05:37 PM- sukhwindara singh and alka ying / ramta jogi [taal] on the dashmesh international label.
05:23 PM- ladytour / sugar [witching hour] on the ryko label.
05:22 PM- tame impala / new person same old mistakes [currents] on the interscope label.
05:13 PM- rjd2 / you never had it so good [single] on the ??? label.
05:08 PM- bill staines / one more river [one more river] on the red house label.
05:05 PM- dollie barnes / bated breath [caught in a phase] on the s/r label.