ktru playsheet


from Mon 01/29/2018 03:00:00 PM until Mon 01/29/2018 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:52 PM- fela anikulapo kuti / v.i.p. [v.i.p./ authority stealing] on the fak/mca label.
04:51 PM- i cantori / in a landscape [a choir of angels] on the civic classics label.
04:44 PM- mashrou leila / maghawir [ibn el leil] on the shoop shoop label.
04:40 PM- alex g / powerful man [rocket] on the domino label.
04:38 PM- alex g / rocket [rocket] on the domino label.
04:34 PM- kippi kaninus / huggun [the hornet that burned me] on the kitchen motors label.
04:29 PM- miniflex / for a lovely bust line [sud] on the escaltor records label.
04:24 PM- jandek / it burned down nice [houston friday] on the corwood industries label.
04:21 PM- novella / again, you try your luck [land] on the kaiku label.
04:15 PM- morricone youth / surnise: a song of two humans [sunrise: a song of two humans] on the country club label.
04:10 PM- st vincent / masseducation [masseducation] on the loma vista recording label.
04:07 PM- kissyfur / 36 hours [frambuesa] on the starlight furniture label.
03:59 PM- angel olsen / sister [my woman] on the jagjaguwar label.
03:51 PM- various artists / patricia smith [this is boston...not austin, vol 2] on the black wolf label.
03:42 PM- amirtha kidami / treta yuga [elder ones] on the northern spy records label.
03:38 PM- konkoma / senture [s/t] on the soundway label.
03:37 PM- deerhoof / koneko kitten [green cosmos] on the menlo park label.
03:26 PM- john coltrane / afro blue [afro blue impressions] on the pablo label.
03:21 PM- palberta and no one and the somebodies / take you away [chips for dinner] on the wharf cat label.
03:15 PM- katie dey / fear o' the light [food network] on the joy void records label.
03:12 PM- sainkho / lullaby for lambs [out of tuva] on the cramworld label.
03:10 PM- various artists / dischord- save me [phonkwave] on the tracking waves label.
03:05 PM- like a fox / nbody knows you [s/t] on the tappersize label.