ktru playsheet

NickS, LindseyS
local show

from Tue 09/09/2008 08:00:00 PM until Tue 09/09/2008 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:56 PM- jandek / going away my darling [graven image] on the corwood label.
09:50 PM- hunter, jana / movies [there's no home] on the gnomonsong label.
09:44 PM- buxton / flame [a family light] on the mia kat empire label.
09:40 PM- ume / manic [ume] on the self released label.
09:38 PM- bring back the guns / the family name [dry futures] on the feow label.
09:32 PM- really red / nico [homework #101: us diy/punkwave/experimental] on the hyped2death label.
09:29 PM- culturcide / california punks [tacky souvenirs of pre-revolutionary america] on the self released label.
09:26 PM- culturcide / industrial band [tacky souvenirs of pre-revolutionary america] on the self released label.
09:25 PM- red crayola, the / pink stainless tail [never ever land] on the international artists label.
09:18 PM- wicked poseur / maybe eliminator [trashy energy] on the mirror vending label.
09:11 PM- infant mortality rate / watch nine correct [puer aeternis] on the mayday records label.
09:06 PM- two star symphony / another little terror [love & other demons] on the self-released label.
09:02 PM- papermoons / exist [papermoons] on the team science records! label.
08:57 PM- indian jewelry / overdrive [free gold!] on the girlgang label.
08:55 PM- faceless orchestra, the / dirty boots [the faceless orchestra] on the self-released label.
08:52 PM- hollywood black / crooked shepherd [crooked shepherd] on the mia kat empire label.
08:45 PM- young mammals / doctor doctor [young mammals] on the self released label.
08:28 PM- b l a c k i e / various [live from the rmc] on the ktru label.
08:23 PM- listenlisten / hot-headed and filled with extramission [listenlisten] on the self released label.
08:19 PM- sour notes, the / its easier to be a hypocrie [the meat of the fruit] on the bmi label.
08:17 PM- news on the march / wisconsin, pt. 2 [almost songs] on the self released label.
08:12 PM- mathletes, the / that stupid grin on your face [fuck you and your cool] on the asaurus label.
08:06 PM- ton-tons, the / syrup [sea & stars e.p.] on the esthetic noise records inc. label.
08:04 PM- jenny westbury / gigantic children [jenny french and the pelican wrench] on the all star power up label.