ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 07/08/2019 10:00:00 PM until Tue 07/09/2019 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:51 AM- earth / from the zodiacal light [primative and dealy 2xLP] on the southern lord label.
12:41 AM- traden / det fins blat/there is blue [s/t LP] on the subliminal sounds label.
12:39 AM- the groundhogs / garden [thank christ for the bomb 2xLP] on the fire records label.
12:31 AM- flying saucer attack / november mist [distance LP] on the vhf label.
12:25 AM- black ox orkestar / ikh ken tsvey zayn [nisht azoy LP] on the constellation label.
12:20 AM- ruth white / the irremedable [flowers of evil LP] on the black mass rising label.
12:15 AM- strafe f.r. / dictator [the bird was stolen CD] on the touch label.
12:04 AM- pedestrian deposit / crow theory [dyers' hands CD] on the monoril trespassing label.
11:57 PM- filth / flower of the dead soul [the house of concrete faces CD] on the phage tapes label.
11:53 PM- tef / untitled [framework CD] on the dadadrumming label.
11:43 PM- hiroshi hasegawa / black leather jesus (blj) / effective gag [control your surroundings CD] on the dada drumming label.
11:34 PM- concrete violin / death [erotism C20] on the deadline label.
11:08 PM- striatons / phase 2: operation concord [vietnamization 2xCD] on the old captain / eibon records label.
10:58 PM- umpio+irr. app. (ext) / the edible fortress pt. 2 + pt. 3 [permutable schema 2xCD] on the vibora label.
10:52 PM- v/a (the prestidigitators) / changez retravaille [changez retravaile 3xCD] on the pireca sonora label.
10:43 PM- giancarlo tonuitti / <song titles not readily discernable> [pappendino (1849) LP] on the menstrual recordings label.
10:33 PM- the new blockaders / reductio ad absurdum part one [gesamtnichtswerk: 20th antiversary antiology 1982-2002 4xCD] on the hypnagogia label.
10:29 PM- gastric female reflex /idm theftable / untitled [the oink inside CD] on the humbug label.
10:23 PM- brian ruryk / untitled [please don't encourage me CDr] on the inyrdisk label.
10:15 PM- lisa cameron & sandy ewen / rhinochimera atlantica [see creatures C48] on the astral spirits label.
10:14 PM- attic ted / arachniphobia [the bastardized country carnival CD] on the pecan crazy records label.
10:08 PM- glass eye / the crooked place [hello young lovers CD] on the bar/none label.
10:05 PM- daniel johnston / living life [the early recordings volume 1: songs of pain 1980-1983 2xCD] on the dualtone label.
10:01 PM- k. mccarthy / walking the cow [dead dog's eyeball: songs of daniel johnston CD] on the bar/none label.
09:58 PM- daniel johnston / funeral home [1990 CD] on the shimmy disc/instinct label.