ktru playsheet

electronic show

from Fri 04/02/2021 08:01:00 PM until Fri 04/02/2021 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- strfkr / dark days [being no one, going nowhere] on the polyvinyl record co label.
08:52 PM- acid arab / gul l'abi [musique de france] on the crammed discs label.
08:48 PM- bicep / apricots [isles] on the ninja tune label.
08:43 PM- surfing / visions [emotion] on the 100% electronica / airline records label.
08:40 PM- girls of the internet & olivia louise / i don't wanna lose you [girls fm] on the drab queen label.
08:35 PM- bobby browser / clubspinning [clubspinning - ep] on the 100% silk label.
08:29 PM- shinichiro yokota / space station (ft. little boots [space mix]) [space station - single] on the far east recording label.
08:24 PM- kings of tomorrow / finally (ft. julie mcknight) [finally - single] on the defected records label.
08:17 PM- roza terenzi / mwah [mwah - ep] on the kalahari oyster cult label.
08:14 PM- botany / vision of this earth before our time [end the summertime f(or)ever] on the western vinyl label.
08:10 PM- daft punk / something about us [discovery] on the daft life label.
08:07 PM- chromatics / running up that hill [night drive] on the italians do it better label.
08:03 PM- ginoli / i'm in love (ft. nicholas allbrook) [i'm in love - single] on the music in exile label.