ktru playsheet


from Fri 10/23/2020 05:30:00 PM until Fri 10/23/2020 06:30:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:25 PM- alt-j / 3ww [relaxer] on the canvasback label.
06:21 PM- neutral milk hotel / where you'll find me now [on avery island] on the merge label.
06:16 PM- of montreal / disconnect the dots [satanic panic in the attic] on the polyvinyl label.
06:13 PM- the unicorns / les os [who will cut our hair when we're gone] on the alien8 label.
06:10 PM- bridal party / too much [too much] on the kingfisher bluez label.
06:05 PM- tropical fuck storm / who's my eugene [braindrops] on the joyful noise label.
06:03 PM- the mountain goats / nine black poppies [nine black poppies] on the emperor jones label.
05:59 PM- glass beach / neon glow [the first glass beach album] on the cat castle label.
05:55 PM- tetuzi akiyama / fireside [pre-existence] on the locust label.
05:50 PM- pinky pinky / applecheeks [turkey dinner] on the innovative leisure label.
05:47 PM- animal collective / leaf house [sung tongs] on the fat cat label.
05:43 PM- cfm / greenlight [soundtrack to an empty room] on the in the red label.
05:36 PM- john echkhardt / ttzz [xylobiont] on the psi label.
05:30 PM- swans / amnesia [leaving meaning.] on the young god records label.