ktru playsheet

SahitiP, SimonaM

from Sun 02/10/2019 10:00:00 AM until Sun 02/10/2019 11:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:50 AM- mai lan / vampire [autopilote] on the cinq7 label.
10:47 AM- caroline rose / soul no. 5 [loner] on the new west label.
10:44 AM- beach fossils / daydream [s/t] on the captured tracks label.
10:41 AM- low / rome (always in the dark) [double negative] on the sub pop label.
10:35 AM- the ramones / i wanna be sedated [mania] on the sire label.
10:30 AM- gallo, ron / do you love your company [stardust birthday party] on the new west label.
10:25 AM- perez, danilo / blues for the saints [central avenue] on the impulse! label.
10:16 AM- tame impala / new person, same old mistakes [currents] on the interscope label.
10:09 AM- major lazer / jessica [free the universe] on the secretly canadian label.
10:07 AM- slavic soul party / sviraj srecko [taketron] on the barbes records label.
10:05 AM- saba / church/liquor store [bucket list project] on the saba pivot, llc label.
10:04 AM- blood orange / charcoal baby [negro swan] on the domino label.
10:03 AM- tirzah / gladly [devotion] on the domino label.