ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 03/12/2019 08:00:00 PM until Tue 03/12/2019 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- jody seabody & the whirls / malignant terror [hawksamillion] on the artificial head label.
09:52 PM- the sword / cloak of feathers [apocryphon] on the razor & tie label.
09:49 PM- sweat lodge / precious and grace [tokens for hell] on the brutal panda label.
09:45 PM- the good kind of mushroom / get abducted [matsukaken] on the self label.
09:39 PM- warlung / the palm reader [immortal portal] on the self label.
09:33 PM- india tigers in texas / wolves [india tigers in texas] on the self label.
09:26 PM- libby koch / wagon train [tennessee colony] on the berkalin label.
09:22 PM- charlie & the regrets / time moves slow [rivers in the streets] on the self label.
09:19 PM- wayne hancock / slingin' rhythm [slingin' rhythm] on the bloodshot label.
09:15 PM- lee ann womack / he called me baby [the lonely, the lonesome & the gone] on the ato label.
09:12 PM- jason james / let's say goodbye like we said hello [let's say goodby like we said hello] on the new west label.
09:10 PM- k campbell / no cops [pure pop for jaded punks] on the poison moon label.
09:06 PM- dale watson / the dumb song [call me lucky] on the redhouse label.
08:56 PM- alejandro escovedo / teenage luggage [the crossing] on the yep roc label.
08:52 PM- matthew logan vasquez / vacation [light'n up] on the dine alone label.
08:49 PM- buck meek / maybe [buck meek] on the keeled scales label.
08:44 PM- calliope musicals / cosmic poison arrow [cosmic poison arrow] on the self label.
08:41 PM- molly burch / true love [first flower] on the captured tracks label.
08:40 PM- lomelda / m for magic [m for empathy] on the double double whammy label.
08:37 PM- sun june / slow rise ii [years] on the keeled scales label.
08:34 PM- rose ette / ignore the feeling [ignore the feeling] on the miss champagne label.
08:31 PM- fun haunts / lips [demos] on the self label.
08:23 PM- spoon / inside out [they want my soul] on the loma vista label.
08:21 PM- zookeeper(mountain time) / ain't playing [pink chalk] on the count your lucky stars label.
08:16 PM- booher / shuffled [funny tears] on the self label.
08:13 PM- football, etc / i believe [corner] on the community label.
08:11 PM- volcano, i'm excited / in green [volcano, i'm excited] on the self label.
08:07 PM- shearwater / quiet americans [jet plane and oxbow] on the sub pop label.
08:03 PM- walker lukens / heard you bought a house [adult] on the modern outsider label.
08:00 PM- k campbell / heads up [heads up] on the poison moon label.